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A dog’s breakfast: Recent revelations in Norman case highlight DND’s pattern of defiance and secrecy

Norman case and the manipulation of information by the Department of National Defence – characteristic of the secrecy of a government which decrees the number of armed forces members infected by COVID-19 to be a matter of national security. 


14 Words Inspired by Dogs | Merriam-WebsterOTTAWA—There were a series of stories last week by Ottawa Citizen reporter David Pugliese which clearly illustrate the culture of defiance and invincibility that exists within National Defence Headquarters’ upper echelons.

The genesis of this current saga has its roots dating back to some extraordinary testimony at a December 2018 pre-trial hearing in the Vice-Admiral Mark Norman case. Continue reading

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On the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, a war crime: The organization of the city as a war port is the ‘business’ best adapted for profit

Painting of the Halifax Explosion

Infamy of the massacre of the Canadian people in Halifax

December 6th is the centenary of the horrific Halifax Explosion of 1917 – the largest explosion in history before the infamous devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by US atomic bombs in 1945. The tragedy is being marked by an intensive program of events and initiatives, including scores of books, exhibits, radio and TV programs, memorial meetings in Halifax and Boston, and a stamp issued by Canada Post.

The following article by Tony Seed reports on a paper presented by anti-war activists in Halifax in 1983 and expands on it for this publication. On this date, we pay our deepest respects to the families of all those who died as a result of this disaster. Continue reading


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For your information: Canadian contribution to the ‘War on Terrorism’


Shunpiking Magazine. December 2001 – January, 2002, No. 40

HALIFAX (19 December 2001) – CANADA is the third largest contributor to the “war on terrorism” after the US and Britain. By mid-February 750 Canadian troops will be deployed in Kandahar “and in outlying areas with a higher chance of conflict,” news sources say. A Department of National Defence (DND) official said the troops, members of the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, will work with US troops to secure transportation routes, de-mine roads and help with humanitarian aid. Continue reading

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Operation Apollo: Military participation in US-led aggression against Afghanistan

ON OCTOBER 8, Minister of National Defence Art Eggleton announced the deployment of the Canadian military to participate in US-led attacks on Afghanistan. The deployments total more than 2,000 men and women and “will become an integral part of the overall international campaign,” Eggleton said. According to the Department of National Defence (DND) website, the operation has been dubbed “Operation Apollo.” Continue reading

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