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Hullabaloo about Magna Carta and denial of modern definitions of equality and rights



“When the Fathers of Confederation deliberated on how to create a country out of four separate colonies, they all agreed Canada should be a constitutional monarchy based on the concepts of freedom, democracy and the rule of law – all principles that drew from Magna Carta.”

So sayeth the Honourable Pierre Poilievre, Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister for Democratic Reform, on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta, June 15, 2015. Continue reading


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The monarch-in-parliament and the use of the royal prerogative

The Use of the Royal Prerogative

Royal assent, royal consent – The beneficiaries of the Royal Prerogative

The archaic character of the Westminster parliamentary system has been further exposed by the publication on January 15, 2013 of a previously confidential Whitehall pamphlet entitled “Queen’s or Prince’s Consent,” publically indicating for the first time the extent to which senior royals are asked to give their consent to legislation. The 23-page document, now available on the Cabinet Office website, details situations where this Royal Consent is required and gives various examples where it has been sought. Continue reading

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Canada Day with the royals (II): Reject Harper’s fascist one nation politics

Part two of a two-part series by TONY SEED. Part one is here.

mediaculpaheader.stretched(July 1, 2001) – THE Canada Day editorial of the Halifax Chronicle Herald is an incoherent rant pregnant with veiled threats against the Canadian people emanating from divine right.

It gives real meaning to “smitten” as in its banner headline “Canadians smitten [1] with royal newlyweds.” Continue reading

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Reality check: The Windsor family wealth

THE British royal family, the Windsors, refuse to disclose their personal wealth. They also protest that property Elizabeth Windsor holds as the “sovereign” should not be included, although she has the exclusive use of it and will be able to pass on that use to her children.

In 2008 the Times newspaper Rich List placed Ms Windsor at number 264 in its report of the UK’s wealthiest individuals. Her personal wealth was put at £320 million. (Note: £1 = $1.6) Continue reading


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Actions speak louder than words – Queen of England’s visit to Ireland; what they didn’t show in the media

Irish Republicans gather on O’Connell street in Dublin to demonstrate against the visit of the Queen of England to Ireland even before she arrived

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For your information: British royal wedding

Constitutional Monarchy – Remnant of medievalism and colonialism that should be abolished – not celebrated.

THE monopoly media are bombarding Canadians with images of a royal wedding. This is not innocent or detached tabloid journalism having a bit of fun. It is an offensive spectacle of obscene wealth and decadence and a crude reminder to Canadians that they are subjects of a foreign monarch. All the while, it diverts attention from the fact that Canada’s democratic institutions are not based on the consent of the governed but on the Royal Prerogative.

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Harper’s mayday mayhem: Newfoundlanders demonstrate against Harper government’s wrecking agenda


(June 28, 2011, revised June 29) – BETWEEN 2,500 and 3,000 Newfoundlanders participated in a vigorous rally Saturday, June 25th, on the St. John’s waterfront against the decision of the Harper government to close the Marine Rescue Centre. Continue reading


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