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Kissinger addresses how the US should proceed to order and divide the world (I)

What Kissinger is saying is that Ukraine, Taiwan and other issues should be used to pit China and Russia against each other in a manner that favours the U.S. and prevents them from establishing a “permanent alliance.”

A plethora of former U.S. presidents and vice-presidents, secretaries of state, national security advisors, newspapers and pundits of various kinds have been giving opinions about the Ukraine crisis and discussing U.S. foreign policy and the direction it should take. On May 23, Henry Kissinger, four days before he turned 99 years old, spoke virtually at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. In the lead up to the WEF he also gave an interview to the Financial Times on May 9. He addressed the issues of Ukraine, China, Russia and nuclear weapons.

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US Congress resolution calls for use of NATO for more intervention into member states

Using talk of “democratic principles” NATO is to be further weaponized politically and militarily. Claims of “shared democratic values” will also be used to justify actions against Russia, China, and other countries for purposes of U.S. domination | KATHLEEN CHANDLER

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Disinformation about war crimes in Ukraine: The more it goes, the more hysterical, irrational and dangerous it becomes

The U.S./NATO disinformation, warmongering and lies over what is taking place in Ukraine is more hysterical, irrational and dangerous than ever. Without even stopping to raise the obvious need for an independent inquiry into what is called evidence of war crimes committed by Russia, let alone permitting such an inquiry to function and draw warranted conclusions, the President of the U.S., Canadian official circles from the Prime Minister on down to Canada’s U.N. Ambassador, the head of the European Union and others, along with their media and rabid promoters of wiping out Russia, are hurling epithets at Vladimir PutinThey are raising calls to kill him and for regime change, denying that they raised such calls, and then condemning Russia and conniving to get a resolution passed by the UN General Assembly to throw Russia off the UN Human Rights Council.

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Ukraine: Who said what

China said the U.S. has been sending weapons to Ukraine, heightening tensions, creating panic and even hyping up the possibility of warfare, Xinhua reported. “A key question here is what role the U.S., the culprit of current tensions surrounding Ukraine, has played. If someone keeps pouring oil on the flame while accusing others of not doing their best to put out the fire, such kind of behaviour is clearly irresponsible and immoral,” China said.

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Amazing coincidences!

(January 18) – His motorcade to the Berlin airport yesterday was accompanied by German federal security police, who kindly helped him process his papers. Angela Merkel was on the job.

He innocently boarded a “low-cost flight” from Berlin to Moscow, sat in an economy seat and was accompanied by a planeload of journalists and intelligence officials.

Landing in Moscow, the masked man was greeted by more journalists. “He then embraced his wife Yulia, kissed her on the cheek, and walked toward passport control, where he was detained by a group of police officers.” Continue reading

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The man who weaponizes and loses everything

Many news outlets documented that Putin’s Russia weaponizes everything, including humour, health information, giant squids, robotic cockroaches, tedium and postmodernism. Continue reading

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‘Panama Papers’: ‘Corruption’ as a weapon of propaganda and disinformation

mediaculpaheader.stretchedMonopoly journalism and propaganda are getting hard to tell apart, as with the flurry of “corruption” stories aimed at Russia’s Vladimir Putin and other demonized foreign leaders, writes ROBERT PARRY*.

Sadly, some important duties of journalism, such as applying evenhanded standards on human rights abuses and financial corruption, have been so corrupted by the demands of government propaganda – and the careerism of too many writers – that I now become suspicious whenever the mainstream media trumpets some sensational story aimed at some “designated villain.” Continue reading

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On Putin’s interview with the German media


Putin meeting with reporters from Bild-Zeitung in Sochi, January 5, 2016

Putin used Russia’s Christmas break to give an interview for the German tabloid Bild-Zeitung (see here and here).

Unusually for the Western media, the German interviewers proved to be both well-informed and intelligent and avoided cliches, giving Putin a good opportunity to explain himself concisely on a wide range of topics.

The fact the interviewers from Bild-Zeitung conducted the interview so intelligently incidentally shows that the true causes of the present tensions in international relations are well understood in Germany – including by the media there – even if they are not openly articulated. Continue reading

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Word. Vladimir Putin: ‘Publish a world map and mark all the US military bases on it. You will see the difference between Russia and the US.’

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a forum of independent regional and local mass media in St. Petersburg, Russia, Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Vladimir Putin pulls no punches in an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Luciano Fontana: I would like to start with a question concerning Russian-Italian relations. This relationship has always been close and privileged, both in the economic and political spheres. However, it has been somewhat marred by the crisis in Ukraine and the sanctions. Could the recent visit by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to Russia and your upcoming visit to Milan somehow change this trend, and if so, what is needed for that?

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Liberation without the liberators

Auschwitz prisoners liberated by  the Soviet Red Army.

Auschwitz prisoners liberated by the Soviet Red Army.

BERLIN/WARSAW (Jan. 16) – Through their virtual disinvitation, EU countries are preventing the Russian president from participating at the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. The highest representative of the country, whose army had halted the mass murder in the German extermination camp January 27, 1945, is thereby excluded from the commemoration ceremonies. However, Germany’s president, will participate. Continue reading


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Alexander I, according to Vladimir Putin and Maxim Gorky

Police. Roman Catholic Priest. Tsar. Pope. Rabbi. Bourgeois, 1919 (Click to enlarge)

Police. Roman Catholic Priest. Tsar. Pope. Rabbi. Bourgeois, 1919 (Click to enlarge)

Unveiling monument to Alexander I in Moscow on November 11, 2014 | Presidential Press & Information Office

Unveiling monument to Alexander I in Moscow on November 20, 2014 | Presidential Press & Information Office

News item from the website of the President of Russia:

“Vladimir Putin took part in unveiling of a monument to Emperor Alexander I in Alexander Garden by the Kremlin wall.

“Accompanying the President at the ceremony were Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky, representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church and public figures.”

We are posting below the text of Vladimir Putin’s address and Maxim Gorky’s “Letter to a Monarchist.” Continue reading

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