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June Update: Hunting for men in Ukraine, in the expectation of interminable EU candidacy

The catastrophe unfolding on the frontline in Ukraine and the stark realities behind the recently granted EU candidacy status | Dmitriy Kovalevich


During June, Ukraine experienced the fourth month of the war, which has been marked by a sharp increase in the losses of Ukrainian military personnel. Estimates of the losses vary, but at the beginning of the month, President Zelensky said that 100 soldiers were being killed every day; while Mikhail Podolyak, the head of his Office, spoke of 200 being killed daily, and the head of the Zelensky ‘Servant of the people’ party faction, David Arakhamia, announced that about a thousand were killed and wounded daily.[1]

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Ukraine, trapped in a spiral of war: Pierre de Gaulle

Napoleon silver Specimen Essai “Friendship” Medallic 2 Francs L’An IX (1801), by Tiolier.

The speech that follows was given by Pierre de Gaulle, the grandson of Charles de Gaulle, at the French Embassy in Paris, on June 14, 2022, to mark Russia Day. It is a speech that has been heavily censored in France, and we are happy to provide this English translation.

Mr. de Gaulle addresses the current Ukraine-Russia conflict by way of a blunt and brave denouncement of the French political elite who have succeeded in undermining the ideals of his grandfather who always sought the inclusion of Russia within Europe. The opening words of greetings Mr. de Gaulle made in Russian.

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Control of the Black Sea basin is crucial to Russia’s economy and security

On March 18, 2014 Russia and Crimea signed a treaty which gave the Russian Federation control over the Black Sea as well as the Sea of Azov, the west coastline of which borders on Eastern Ukraine and the Donetsk region. The agreement was announced by Russian President Putin who said two “constituent regions” of Crimea were to join the Russian Federation: the “Republic of Crimea” and the “City of Sevastopol,” both with the status of autonomous regions.

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Ukraine – A Historical Sketch

This article by Nathan J. Freeman was originally published by TML Daily on March 21, 2014 under the title “What is the Trouble and Who Are the Troublemakers?”

The cunning of history has positioned Ukraine as the latest country in which post-Soviet Russia and U.S.-led imperialism confront each other. The U.S.-led camp, which includes the old European colonialism, is on a rampage. The Russian government has responded in a measured way, securing its naval assets in the Crimea and going so far as to take Crimea out of the clutches of the fascist coup that seized power in Kiev while putting the elected president, Alexander Yanukovych, to flight.

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Not thanks, but in spite of: How Ukraine treats its Olympians

Ukrainian sport after 30 years of independence

President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, Olympic champion Serhiy Bubka met with the athletes of the national team on the eve of the XXXII Olympic Games in Tokyo | NOC

Interview with journalist Dmitry Kovalevich first published on Friendship First on August 25*

Tony Seed: Dmitry, August 24th is the 30th anniversary of Ukrainian independence, which is being celebrated in different ways, it seems more in Canada than Ukraine itself. Can you give us your assessment of the situation that Ukrainian sport and athletes are facing? Perhaps you might start with the recent Olympics.

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4,000-year-old city discovered in Iraq

A group of Russian archaeologists made an impressive discovery in Iraq’s Dhi Qar governorate, where an ancient settlement about 4,000 years old was found.

A woman walks toward the Great Ziggurat Temple, a massive Sumerian stepped mudbrick construction dedicated to the moon god Nanna that dates back to 2100 B.C. in the ancient city of Ur, Dhi Qar province, Iraq, June 15, 2020.
A woman walks toward the Great Ziggurat Temple, a massive Sumerian stepped mudbrick construction dedicated to the moon god Nanna that dates back to 2100 B.C. in the ancient city of Ur, Dhi Qar province, Iraq, June 15, 2020 | Asaad Niazi/AFP via Getty Images

A woman walks toward the Great Ziggurat Temple, a massive Sumerian stepped mudbrick construction dedicated to the moon god Nanna that dates back to 2100 B.C. in the ancient city of Ur, Dhi Qar province, Iraq, June 15, 2020 | Asaad Niazi/AFP via Getty Images

By Adnan Abu Zeed

(July 9) – A group of Russian archaeologists discovered June 24 an ancient settlement about 4,000 years old in Dhi Qar governorate in southern Iraq. The discovery was made in the area of Tell al-Duhaila, which is home to more than 1,200 archaeological sites, including the Great Ziggurat of Ur site from the Sumerian era, and the royal tomb. Treasures similar to the ones that were found in the tomb of Egypt’s Tutankhamun’ tomb were unearthed.

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US wargames in Nordic region aimed at Moscow

By Agneta Norberg*

Warplanes F-16, from the US’s 480 Fighter Squadron, took off from Luleå/Kallax airfield on June 7th 2021 at 9 o´clock. This was the start for war training and coordination with the Swedish warplane, JAS 39 Gripen. 

The target is Russia. The war exercise, Arctic Challenge Exercise (ACE) continued until June 18th. The US F-16, warplanes were deployed at Luleå Kallax for three weeks to make recognizing tours in the entire Northern area.

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Ukraine Update: Blinken’s visit and external governance

Anthony Blinken and Victoria Nuland visited Kiev in May for multiple reasons. What has unfolded in Ukraine as a result? Protesters are increasingly holding rallies in front of the US embassy, having realized on whom the solution of their problems depends | Dmitriy Kovalevich

(June 1) – For Ukrainian politicians, the month of May was kicked off with the visit of Anthony Blinken and Victoria Nuland to Kiev. The same Victoria Nuland who in 2014 supported ultra-right nationalists on the Maidan and became known amongst Ukrainians for distributing cookies.

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Mother’s Day, May 9th and Mother

A reflection by Tony Seed

(Updated May 15) In truth, I confess that I never paid much attention to Mother’s and Father’s Day, perhaps due to the commercialism and false sentimentalism. As I grow older I am more attentive, especially this year of the pandemic, and more and more appreciative and respectful of my own mother and her strength, and the value of life. On her passing at the age of 93, we said “she moved the earth.” Continue reading

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Ukraine Update: Crackdown on media and opposition to please Biden

The Biden administration in the US appears to be impacting on Ukraine’s presidential policy, which in turn is negatively affecting the country’s opposition and opposition media, while nationalism and militarism are increasing | Dmitriy Kovalevich


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A CIA officer has a headache. Media blame Russia.

More plausible explanations for these maladies include headaches, crickets, paranoia, mass hysteria or simply lying, rather than a vast global conspiracy using heretofore unknown science fiction weapons in order to mildly inconvenience a few American operatives | ALAN MACLEOD

Julia Ioffe (GQ, 10/20/20) reported that “dozens of American diplomats, spies and government employees” were “targets of what some experts and doctors now believe were attacks perpetrated by unknown assailants wielding novel directed energy weapons.”

A 9,000-word story for GQ (10/20/20) about the mystery ailment of a CIA officer in Moscow has become the unlikely subject of a weeks-long media storm. Continue reading

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Ukraine Update: The sound of war drums

Dmitriy Kovalevich reports on massive, multi-vectored air, land and sea exercises unleashed by the U.S. armed forces and NATO in and over Ukraine – and its relation to the US presidential election. Despite the global pandemic, the Canadian Forces is participating, showing the real face of the Trudeau-Freeland “multilateralism”

During September, many Ukrainians have been feeling anxious due to the increasing signs of an impending military escalation of the global conflict between Russia and the United States. Some have voiced the opinion that Ukraine could become a battlefield between the two nuclear superpowers. Naturally, this prospect is not making Ukrainians happy.

In early September, US strategic B-52 bombers, capable of carrying a nuclear weapon, flew over Ukraine for the first time[1]. Flying from the US military base in the UK, they proceeded via the Volyn region (western Ukraine) towards the Crimea, although they did not cross its borders. Nevertheless, the Russians raised the alarm and sent fighters out to intercept the “flying fortresses.” Continue reading


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Ukarine Update: Belarus crisis through the lens of Ukraine

On August 9, presidential elections were held in Belarus, a neighbour of Ukraine. Economically, they are mutually dependent on each other, and Russia is too, but currently it seems as if trade, like flights, could soon be put on hold. Meanwhile, far right neo-Nazi elements from Ukraine are attempting to increase unrest in the two countries. DMITRY KOVALEVICH  on the issues facing the two countries following the elections and how and if they can be resolved.

Supporters of Lukashenko hold authorized pro-government rally | Ruptly

In August, the situation in Belarus and the mass protests that engulfed the country almost completely dominated the information agenda of the Ukrainian media. Continue reading

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Research notes: The militarized Atlantic – From Norfolk and Halifax to the Irish and Baltic seas

Work in progress by Tony Seed

A report conducted by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) – published in July – found that the two vessels came within 50-100 metres of each other during the horrific incident on November 6, 2018. The investigation revealed that it was the third time in four years that a submerged Royal Navy submarine had narrowly missed a calamitous collision with another vessel. Continue reading


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Russia, Turkey agree to deliver second shipment of S-400 missile system

Russia, Turkey agree to deliver second shipment of S-400 missilsystem

Moscow, Aug 23 (Prensa Latina) – Russia and Turkey signed a contract for the delivery of a second regiment of S-400 air defense systems to Turkey, Russian state arms exporter Rosoboronexport said today.
Rosoboronexport CEO Alexander Mikheev did not reveal more details when he talked to RIA Novosti news agency.

In 2017, Russia and Turkey concluded an agreement worth approximately $2.5 billion to supply Ankara with the S-400 missile system, with delivery completed in 2019. Turkey is the first member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to purchase this air defence system from Russia.

The S-400 is considered the most advanced of its kind in Russia, capable of destroying targets at a distance of up to 400 kilometres and at up to 30 kilometres high.

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Cold wars and profit


(July 20) – The Guardian carried a very strange piece yesterday under the heading “Stamps celebrating Ukrainian resistance in pictures”. This was the first image shown:

The Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) was, without any shadow of a doubt, responsible for the slaughter of at least 200,000 Polish civilians; they liquidated whole Polish communities in Volhynia and Galicia, including the women and children. The current Polish government, which is as anti-Russian and pro-NATO as they come, nevertheless has declared this a genocide. Continue reading

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Dangerous war exercise of Northern Command


On May 28, U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) launched a four-day war exercise over the northeast coast of the U.S. and Canada. It was unprecedented in that it also involves U.S. Space, Transportation and Strategic commands.

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The ominous jihadis war: From Tripoli to Tripoli

GHASSAN KADI on a potentially huge situation brewing in Libya that barely makes the news

The Fall and the Fall of HaririThe ‘War on Syria’ is far from being over, and it will continue until all foreign forces illegally present on Syrian soil retreat; either willingly, or defeated.

And even though the American presence in Syria has no clear and realistic political purpose other than wreaking havoc and making it hard for Russia to help reach a decisive victory, in a twist of fate, the focus of the Russo-American conflict in the region may soon move away from Syria. Continue reading

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Erdogan’s long-coming reality check


TSB Middle East Analyst

(February 14) – It is hard to say if Erdogan is running out of choices, friends, time, or all of the above; and his stands on various issues and the contradictions he ploughs through are making his situation increasingly untenable. Continue reading

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US primes NATO to confront Russia, China


(November 27) – The December 3-4 summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) in London resembles a family reunion after the acrimony over the issue of military spending by America’s European allies. 

The trend is up for defence spending across European Allies and Canada. Over $100 billion is expected to be added to the member states’ defence budgets by end-2020.

More importantly, the trend at the NATO foreign ministers’ meeting at Brussels on November 19-20, in the run-up to the London summit, showed that despite growing differences within the alliance, member states closed ranks around three priority items in the US global agenda — escalation of the aggressive policy toward Russia, militarisation of space and countering China’s rise. Continue reading

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Word. Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, addresses the United Nations

“Leading Western countries are trying to impede the development of the polycentric world, to recover their privileged positions, to impose standards of conduct based on the narrow Western interpretation of liberalism on others. In a nutshell, “we are liberals, and we can do anything”. Pursuing these aspirations, the West is less frequently recalling international law and more often and importunately dwelling upon the ‘rules-based order’.”

Transcript of speech by H.E. Mr. Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, at the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, New York, September 27, 2019

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Ukraine aviation: Five years of shame

2014.The SU-25 attack aircraft over the railway station in Donetsk

The SU-25 attack aircraft over the railway station in Donetsk on June 2, 2014 | Sputnik

By Rostislav Ishchenko

Five years have passed since that memorable day when on June 2, 2014 an attack jet of the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck a blow on the building of the Lugansk regional state administration. It wasn’t the first episode of the use of aviation in the civil war in Donbass. Military jets passed at low heights and broke the sound barrier over the residential quarters of the cities, intimidating the population. Continue reading

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Europe’s ‘geopolitical identity’

Nord StreamMUNICH Feb. 18 (german-foreign-policy.com) – At the Munich Security Conference last weekend, the power struggle between Berlin and Washington openly escalated to an unprecedented level. US Vice President Mike Pence reiterated his ultimatum that Berlin and the EU immediately renounce their political and economic projects, which are not fully in accord with US policy, pertaining particularly to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and the Iran nuclear deal. Continue reading

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Freedom of the press, Trudeau-Freeland style

Media.rca Nipper.jpg(February 3, updated February 10) – As part of the brutal information war on the question of Venezuela and other questions, Global Affairs, the Canadian foreign affairs ministry, denied accreditation to the South American news agency teleSUR and blocked it from covering the highly irregular meeting of its Lima Group in Ottawa on Monday February 4. In addition, three Russian news agencies were prohibited from attending the official press conference. Continue reading

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Statements on the developments in Venezuela

A major theme of the CBC and the monopoly media is that the Maduro government is “isolated.” On January 24 CBC showed a graphic map of the Americas to this effect, highlighting the US and Brazil and leaving out the states of the Caribbean, as if they do not matter. These manoeuvres came after the little-known, US-educated Juan Guaidó, president of a National Assembly in contempt, declared himself interim president of Venezuela, and was immediately recognized as such by the U.S., Canada and its allies.

The CBC is not telling the truth about the developments in Venezuela. The Maduro government continues to enjoy the support of the international community, with significant countries such as Russia and China reiterating its legitimacy and condemning any foreign interference. Continue reading

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Geezus Luizus! Russia is capturing Earth’s north magnetic pole!!

magnetic north pole

“Something strange is going on at the top of the world,” reports Alexandra Witze for Nature: Continue reading

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The transatlantic liquefied gas dispute

nordstrem imagegerman-foreign-policy.com (September 28) – German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has once again reaffirmed that the German government insists on continuing with the highly controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Despite persistent pressure from Washington, there will be no interference in the construction of the pipeline – which has long since begun – reiterated Maas at this year’s annual UN General Assembly in New York. Continue reading

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Living in wacko-land

By PAUL ROBINSON | Irrussianality

(September 25) – A chance encounter with a Twitter post got me following links on the internet today as I filled in time between classes. I know that there’s a lot of truly rotten stuff out there, and every now and again I write some piece denouncing some example or other. But on the whole, I try and stay clear of it. Still, immersing myself in all this was rather interesting, so I thought that I would share the results.

The Tweet which got me started was this one from Toronto-based Ukrainian-Canadian ‘political analyst’ Ariana Gic, who writes occasional columns for outlets like the Atlantic Council. I’m always rather sceptical of ‘independent analysts’ who seem to lack an institutional base, and am frankly amazed  that one can making a living that way, but apparently one can.  Continue reading

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NATO on social media – The threat to liberal democracy

Talk about cyber attacks and “weaponization” of social media | TML Weekly supplement*

It has become increasingly clear that the U.S.-led NATO aggressive alliance is directing the anti-democratic measures being taken in Canada and other NATO member countries to criminalize conscience and speech, in the name of defending democracy and national security. The assault on conscience and speech targets speech that opposes NATO and is critical of the political and electoral systems in the NATO member states. Combined, this represents a broad assault on freedom of conscience and speech and the struggles of the peoples to affirm their rights and for empowerment. Continue reading

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Warship Watch: US Navy reactivates Second Fleet to control the North Atlantic

Protest against warships in Halifax harbour and expansion of the Canadian navy, CFB Stadacona, May 29, 2012.


The U.S. Navy is reestablishing its Second Fleet to control the North Atlantic, navy sources report.[1] It will be operational by July 1 and headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia. Continue reading

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