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47th anniversary of Vietnamese people’s great victory over the US imperialists: The real American war in Viet Nam – ‘kill anything that moves’


Victory monument in Xuan Loc, Vietnam

Forty-seven years ago, the U.S. imperialists were resoundingly defeated by the heroic Vietnamese people, who had suffered greatly at the hands of the French colonialists and then the U.S. imperialists. Historic photos show the last of the U.S. invaders scrambling frantically to escape Viet Nam by helicopter, trying to save their worthless skins from the wrath of people’s war. Continue reading

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Seymour Hersh and Bin Laden disinformation: killing the messenger

Media-CulpaThe credibility crisis of the US monopoly media and the role of media to disinform

It has largely been forgotten that after 9/11, the Taliban offered to supply Osama bin Laden, the suspected mastermind, to a third country for trial. The Bush administration refused, choosing to invade Afghanistan, a strategic country rich in natural resources, and to launch the “war on terrorism” for self-serving ends. Ten years later, the Obama administration, instead of putting him on trail, boasted that it had assassinated him, though suspiciously the body was never produced. The assassination by US special forces was the high point of Obama’s first term, and a major factor in his re-election. TREVOR TIMM* in the Columbia Journalism Review examines the media reaction to Seymour Hersh’s recent exposé challenging the credibility of the Obama White House and its narrative of the high-profile event. Hersh stated in conclusion: “High-level lying nevertheless remains the modus operandi of US policy, along with secret prisons, drone attacks, Special Forces night raids, bypassing the chain of command, and cutting out those who might say no.”

(May 15) – SEYMOUR HERSH HAS DONE THE PUBLIC a great service by breathing life into questions surrounding the official narrative of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Yet instead of trying to build off the details of his story, or to disprove his assertions with additional reporting, journalists have largely attempted to tear down the messenger. Continue reading

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Disinformation on gas attacks in Syria (11): Whose sarin? Whose rebels? Whose cherries?

A comment by Tony Seed on the revelations by Seymour Hersh of the duplicity of the Obama (and Harper) regimes and nonsense about the “intelligence community”

Barak_W_Bush_by_Aheney(Dec. 12, 2013) – MONTHS after the mysterious gas attacks on 21 August in Ghouta near Damascus, Syria, an article about the perfidious role of the Obama government appeared in the London Review of Books last Sunday December 8th. It is reproduced below. The American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh discloses that the White House directly “cherry picked” intelligence and fabricated facts outlined in the so-called “dossier” of the Obama regime to blame the government of Bashar al-Assad for the use of chemical weapons as part of its warmongering against Syria. Continue reading


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