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1 de Maig – Catalunya

FotoCCOO de Catalunya celebrarà aquest 1 de Maig amb el lema Ara ens toca a nosaltres! + igualtat, + ocupació, + salaris, + pensions

Les manifestacions previstes són:

Barcelona, 11.30 h. Ronda Sant Pere / Passeig de Gràcia.
Girona, 12.00 h. Plaça de la Independència
Lleida, 12.00 h. Plaça del Treball
Tarragona, 12.00 h. Plaça Imperial Tàrraco
Tortosa, 12.00 h. Plaça del Carrilet
Blanes, 18.30 h. Passeig de Dintre, 29 (davant de l’Ajuntament)
Igualada, 12.00 h. Passeig Verdaguer, cantonada amb Carrer Sant Magí

Feu clic per veure
– el cartell de CCOO de Catalunya per a l’1 de Maig
– el cartell conjunt de CCOO de Catalunya i UGT per a l’1 de Maig
– el manifest de l’1 de Maig: Ara ens toca a nosaltres: IGUALTAT, millor OCUPACIÓ, SALARIS més alts i PENSIONS dignes
– el programa d’actes del Maig de la Cultura i el Treball
– la notícia ‘Roda de premsa conjunta de presentació de les mobilitzacions del Primer de Maig de 2018’ (25-4-2018)

Source: CCOO


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No harbour for war: Spanish activists organize to kick out Saudi death ship loading weapons for Yemen war

The port of Santander in Cantabria, Spain, where the Saudi ship loading weapons for the Yemeni war is docked | Frobles, Wikimedia Commons

The Bahri Hofuf was kicked out of the port of Bilbao, then sneaked into Santander

(April 1) – In the first days of March, a Saudi cargo ship docked in the Spanish port of Santander to load weapons with Yemen as its final destination. Anti-war activists are trying to expel it from the harbour. Continue reading

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Catalans defy Spanish state violence to take part in referendum

Long lineup outside a polling station.

Attempts by the Spanish government to outlaw Catalonia’s October 1 referendum on independence, including state violence, were militantly defied by the Catalans so they could exercise their right to decide the future of Catalonia. The anti-democratic suppression of Catalans by the Spanish government has been widely denounced, with rallies in support of Catalans’ right to decide taking place across Spain and Europe. Continue reading

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October 1 vote on Catalan independence: Spain steps up attempts to suppress Catalan referendum

Catalans confront riot squads from the Spanish national police sent in to stop the referendum, October 1, 2017.

Spanish national police have sealed off 1,300 of 2,315 schools in Catalonia designated as polling stations for the October 1 independence referendum, declared illegal by Spain’s Constitutional Court. Police have also occupied the Catalan government’s telecommunications centre. Thousands of national police officers are currently stationed on board two cruise ships docked in Barcelona’s port, to disrupt any voting, “and ultimately to guarantee Spanish sovereignty over Catalonia,” a BBC correspondent wrote. Restrictions have also been introduced on commercial light aircraft and helicopters flying over Barcelona over the weekend “to prevent activists trailing banners,” local media reported. Continue reading

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Catalonia activates its plan to separate from Spain

MADRID (Sept. 21) — Catalan authorities activated their self-proclaimed sovereignty process, in which they intend to hold a unilateral referendum on the succession of the autonomous community from the rest of Spain on October 1. Continue reading

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Support Catalans’ right to independence! Oppose the incitement of civil war by the Spanish government

On October 1, the people of Catalonia will hold a referendum on independence from Spain. The Constitutional Court of Spain recently outlawed the referendum law passed by the Catalan Parliament and the Spanish government is now sending police to ensure the vote does not take place. Continue reading

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Sighting. Map of Tenochtitlan, 1524

Context for the first European image of the Aztec capital, razed by the Spanish in 1521 | KATE WILES

Continue reading

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