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Mass opposition to NATO Madrid Summit

Thousands of people participated in actions to protest the NATO summit taking place in Madrid, Spain from June 28 to 30. Counter Summit events were held in Madrid itself on June 24 and 25 on the theme No NATO! Bases Out!

Madrid, Spain, June 26, 2022.

The Counter Summit ended with an estimated 5,000 people marching through the streets of Madrid on Sunday June 26 calling for the elimination of NATO bases in Europe and the abolition of NATO.

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This Day. A reflection on Amílcar Cabral, Portugal and NATO


Amílcar Cabral (1924-1973)


Originally published on January 20, 2019 on this blog and Stop Foreign Intervention in Africa , a website organized by activists opposed to foreign intervention in Africa on a military, economic, political and cultural level. 

On January 20, 1973, Amílcar Lopes da Costa Cabral, leader of the national liberation movement in Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde in West Africa, was assassinated, just months before Guinea Bissau won its long independence struggle against Portuguese colonialism.

Guinea-Bissau was once part of the kingdom of Gabu, part of the ancient Mali Empire; parts of this kingdom persisted until the 18th century. Other parts of the territory in the current country were considered by the Portuguese as part of their empire. Portuguese Guinea was known as the Slave Coast, as it was a major area for the exportation of African slaves by Europeans to the western hemisphere.

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The Nazi who became an Israeli assassin (II)

Otto Skorzeny, SS-Obersturmbannführer– a leading fascist and intelligence chief given impunity by NATO

Skorzeny collage

Skorzeny, the “liberator” of Benito Mussolini, saluting at a mass Nazi rally in Berlin, Germany, 3 October 1943 | Irish Mirror

Commentary on The Nazi who became an Israeli assassin (I) by Tony Seed

The Zionist article “The Nazi who became an Israeli assassin (I)” is one more article gleefully justifying assassinations – a state policy of Israel euphemistically called “extrajudicial execution” and a crime against humanity – and celebrating the fabled Mossad. Notice the humanitarian considerations and moral angst around the decision to recruit the known Nazi war criminal Otto Skorzeny. What they do not mention is why Simon Wiesenthal listed him as a war criminal and refused Israel’s requests to delist him. Inflating the once-vaunted role of Israeli intelligence, the Haaretz article represents his activity in Egypt, which they deem admirable, as being exclusively on behalf of the Mossad and conceals the known CIA links of both the Mossad and Skorzeny. The author’s accusations that Egypt was “planning a new Holocaust” are completely unsubstantiated and typical Zionist slander against the Arabic peoples to rationalize a war crime.

Nevertheless, the author’s rendition does reveal an organized conspiracy at the highest level of the Israeli state; Skorzeny was brought to Israel and met the head of the Mossad, Isser Harel. The commission of assassinations is not denied but is particularly emphasized. The only thing that remains incomprehensible is the reasoning which does not recognise as criminal assassinations and the reasons not to declare the Mossad organisation criminal. Such articles blinker the war in the Middle East, emphasizing operations and tactics over grand strategy, occupation of Historic Palestine and politics, and the pragmatism of the Israeli Zionists over principles, morality and international law. Continue reading


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The Nazi who became an Israeli assassin (I)

Otto Skorzeny, one of the Mossad’s most valuable assets, was a former lieutenant colonel in Nazi Germany’s Waffen-SS and one of Adolf Hitler’s favourites. In 2016 The Forward and Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman presented a peculiar Zionist rendition celebrating assassinations in Haaretz.

The Nazi who became an Israeli assassin (I) – a commentary by Tony Seed.

Skorzeny collage

Skorzeny, the “liberator” of Benito Mussolini, saluting at a mass Nazi rally in Berlin, Germany, 3 October 1943 | Irish Mirror

(March 27, 2016) – On September 11, 1962, a German scientist vanished. The basic facts were simple: Heinz Krug had been at his office, and he never came home.

The only other salient detail known to police in Munich was that Krug commuted to Cairo frequently. He was one of dozens of Nazi rocket experts who had been hired by Egypt to develop advanced weapons for that country.

HaBoker, a now defunct Israeli newspaper, surprisingly claimed to have the explanation: The Egyptians kidnapped Krug to prevent him from doing business with Israel.

But that somewhat clumsy leak was an attempt by Israel to divert investigators from digging too deeply into the case — not that they ever would have found the 49-year-old scientist. Continue reading

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1 de Maig – Catalunya

FotoCCOO de Catalunya celebrarà aquest 1 de Maig amb el lema Ara ens toca a nosaltres! + igualtat, + ocupació, + salaris, + pensions

Les manifestacions previstes són:

Barcelona, 11.30 h. Ronda Sant Pere / Passeig de Gràcia.
Girona, 12.00 h. Plaça de la Independència
Lleida, 12.00 h. Plaça del Treball
Tarragona, 12.00 h. Plaça Imperial Tàrraco
Tortosa, 12.00 h. Plaça del Carrilet
Blanes, 18.30 h. Passeig de Dintre, 29 (davant de l’Ajuntament)
Igualada, 12.00 h. Passeig Verdaguer, cantonada amb Carrer Sant Magí

Feu clic per veure
– el cartell de CCOO de Catalunya per a l’1 de Maig
– el cartell conjunt de CCOO de Catalunya i UGT per a l’1 de Maig
– el manifest de l’1 de Maig: Ara ens toca a nosaltres: IGUALTAT, millor OCUPACIÓ, SALARIS més alts i PENSIONS dignes
– el programa d’actes del Maig de la Cultura i el Treball
– la notícia ‘Roda de premsa conjunta de presentació de les mobilitzacions del Primer de Maig de 2018’ (25-4-2018)

Source: CCOO

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No harbour for war: Spanish activists organize to kick out Saudi death ship loading weapons for Yemen war

The port of Santander in Cantabria, Spain, where the Saudi ship loading weapons for the Yemeni war is docked | Frobles, Wikimedia Commons

The Bahri Hofuf was kicked out of the port of Bilbao, then sneaked into Santander

(April 1) – In the first days of March, a Saudi cargo ship docked in the Spanish port of Santander to load weapons with Yemen as its final destination. Anti-war activists are trying to expel it from the harbour. Continue reading

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Catalans defy Spanish state violence to take part in referendum

Long lineup outside a polling station.

Attempts by the Spanish government to outlaw Catalonia’s October 1 referendum on independence, including state violence, were militantly defied by the Catalans so they could exercise their right to decide the future of Catalonia. The anti-democratic suppression of Catalans by the Spanish government has been widely denounced, with rallies in support of Catalans’ right to decide taking place across Spain and Europe. Continue reading

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October 1 vote on Catalan independence: Spain steps up attempts to suppress Catalan referendum

Catalans confront riot squads from the Spanish national police sent in to stop the referendum, October 1, 2017.

Spanish national police have sealed off 1,300 of 2,315 schools in Catalonia designated as polling stations for the October 1 independence referendum, declared illegal by Spain’s Constitutional Court. Police have also occupied the Catalan government’s telecommunications centre. Thousands of national police officers are currently stationed on board two cruise ships docked in Barcelona’s port, to disrupt any voting, “and ultimately to guarantee Spanish sovereignty over Catalonia,” a BBC correspondent wrote. Restrictions have also been introduced on commercial light aircraft and helicopters flying over Barcelona over the weekend “to prevent activists trailing banners,” local media reported. Continue reading

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Catalonia activates its plan to separate from Spain

MADRID (Sept. 21) — Catalan authorities activated their self-proclaimed sovereignty process, in which they intend to hold a unilateral referendum on the succession of the autonomous community from the rest of Spain on October 1. Continue reading

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Support Catalans’ right to independence! Oppose the incitement of civil war by the Spanish government

On October 1, the people of Catalonia will hold a referendum on independence from Spain. The Constitutional Court of Spain recently outlawed the referendum law passed by the Catalan Parliament and the Spanish government is now sending police to ensure the vote does not take place. Continue reading

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Sighting. Map of Tenochtitlan, 1524

Context for the first European image of the Aztec capital, razed by the Spanish in 1521 | KATE WILES

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An imaginary journey back to Spain’s Arab history

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China announces $242 billion Moscow-Beijing high-speed rail link

China-Moscow rail earth imageChina will build a high-speed railway connecting Beijing and Moscow, estimated to cost 1.5 trillion yuan ($242 billion), Beijing’s municipal government announced on January 21, Sputniknews reported. The announcement has significant economic and geostrategic implications. Continue reading


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This day in 1966: The US nuclear weapons ‘accident’ in Spain

L to R: Lorenzo Gonzalez, Ana Josefa Lopez, and director Dina Hecht. Broken Arrow 29 (1986) | Courtesy: Dina Hecht

L to R: Lorenzo Gonzalez, Ana Josefa Lopez, and director Dina Hecht. Broken Arrow 29 (1986) | Courtesy: Dina Hecht


This month, with little fanfare, Palomares begins its 50th year as “the most radioactive town in Europe.” If you’ve heard of Fukushima, Chernobyl, and Three Mile Island but are unfamiliar with Palomares, you might wonder why. All appear in Time’s top-ten list of the world’s “worst nuclear disasters.” Palomares moreover has been called the worst nuclear weapons accident in history. So why do so few people outside Spain know about it?

The cover-up and whitewash were figurative, also literal. Though four nuclear bombs were rained on Spain, many vaguely recall a lone “lost” bomb, fished out of the Mediterranean intact. Continue reading

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Scottish independence: On the movement for Scottish self-determination

BY SIDDHARTH VARADARAJAN*, Economic Times, September 13, 2014


Mass demonstration for independence, Glasgow, Sunday, September 14, 2014


[T]here are seven reasons why India, and the rest of the world, should stop worrying about Scottish independence.

First, unlike the ethnic nationalism that propelled the violent break-up of the former Yugoslavia, the movement for Scottish dependence embraces the modern view that everyone in Scotland is a Scot regardless of ethnicity, religion, language (or accent). Continue reading

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US expands base in Rota, Spain

map.spain_gibraltar_rotaUNDER the hoax of “protecting Europe from the threat of attack from Iran” and the cause of freedom and democracy, the United States has deployed four interceptor missile warships to Rota, Spain, thereby boosting the military strategic significance of Rota, the Mediterranean Sea and North Africa. Continue reading

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Caribbean states demand reparations from European powers for slave trade

Most of the Caribbean nations have adopted a single plan to solicit from former slaving nations an apology, more aid and damages for 300 years of slavery, which have hobbled their economies and public health

Sugar Plantation Slaves 1858 engraving of slaves in the British West Indies working the sugar cane Photo: Lordprice Collection/ Alamy

PHilip Sherwell, Daily Telegraph (March 11) – A coalition of Caribbean countries has unveiled its demands for reparations from Britain and other European nations for the enduring legacy of the slave trade.

The leaders of 15 states adopted a wide-ranging plan, including seeking a formal apology from former colonial powers, debt cancellation, greater development aid as well as unspecified financial damages for the persisting “psychological trauma” from the days of plantation slavery. Continue reading

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Establishment forces are standing as one to oppose Scottish independence and sovereignty

Scottish Independence – A Workers’ Weekly Commentary

FEBRUARY saw the campaign over Scottish independence hotting up. A conspicuous feature of the lead-up to the September referendum is how a concerted effort is being made from all quarters to ensure a defeat for the “Yes” campaign. The three big parties stand together as one over the issue, while both the EU and US are making interventions in an attempt to bolster the “No” campaign. Continue reading

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Sighting. This is what democracy looks like

Bilbao, Spain: Huge turn out to protest in support of Basque political prisoners after the Spanish Government banned demonstrations.

Bilbao, Spain: Huge turn out to protest in support of Basque political prisoners after the Spanish Government banned demonstrations.

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US bridgehead: Are the Canary Islands becoming the Miami of Africa?

A look at the world map shows the great significance of islands – from Newfoundland to Malaysia, from Cuba and Haiti to the Azores – in the geopolitics of empire as bastions over strategic straits, bridgeheads and “stepping stones” from one continent to another and one from one sea to another, as repositories of labour and centres for plundering the world ocean, and play-grounds for the idle rich of the metropole. Now, in the context of the aggression against Libya in North Africa and the feverish expansion of its new African Command (Africom), Washington has its sights set on making the Canary Islands a U.S. commerce, tourist and military outpost, from which to exploit Africa.
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REFLECTIONS ON ‘EL PRESTIGE’ OIL DISASTER: (Part 1) Two years on, the killer spill continues

News analysis by TONY SEED, Copy edited by GARY ZATZMAN

Part One of a four-part series. Part Two is here, Part Three is here, and Part Four is yet to be published.


ON 14 MARCH 2004 the Spanish people voted to bury the Popular Party government of José María Aznar. This brought to an end eight years’ rule by a pro-Franco politician who dragged the Spanish people into the American occupation of Iraq and the massacre of the Iraqi people against their express will.

Aznar’s clique was especially detested in the northwestern Spanish province of Galicia, where the oil tanker Prestige sank in late 2002, spreading massive pollution of marine fauna and beaches, destroying tens of thousands’ of people’s livelihoods in the rich fishery of the region, and where Manuel Fraga Iribarne – the founder of Aznar’s party, Franco’s last police minister and a fascist-era relic – still retains a regional grip on power. Forests are being felled as we speak to provide the paper to print the oceans of commentary concerning the impact of Aznar’s defeat on the future of other European governments that signed on to the Bush administration’s so-called “coalition of the willing” – many of whom, like Aznar’s clique, have coveted access to Iraqi oil. Continue reading

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