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Fighting ISIL is a smokescreen for US mobilization against Syria and Iran

Syria will never kneel


(Sept. 17) – THE ISIL or IS threat is a smokescreen. The strength of the ISIL has deliberately been inflated to get public support for the Pentagon and to justify the illegal bombing of Syria. It has also been used to justify the mobilization of what is looking more and more like a large-scale U.S.-led military buildup in the Middle East. The firepower and military assets being committed go beyond what is needed for merely fighting the ISIL death squads. Continue reading


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In Memoriam: Veerasingan Dhuruvasangary, 1950-2006

Originally delivered as the Eulogy, Toronto, Ontario, 10 December 2006 by Robin Oakley with Tony Seed, and edited for publication

Yet another prototype

(December 29, 2006) – Veerasingan Dhuruvasangary passed away on 2 December 2006 in Scarborough General Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. A scientist, an inventor, writer, artist, internationalist and a beloved friend, we called this modest, unassuming man Dhuruva or, more often than not, Inventor.

Born in Point Pedro (Jaffna), Sri Lanka in September 1950, he used to say “I had two fathers: my birth father, and Russia.” Continue reading

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In Memoriam – Veerasingan Dhuruvasangary: A Reflection

Yet another prototype


By TONY SEED*, Monsoon Journal

Veerasingan Dhuruvasangary, B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil, P.hD, was a scientist, an inventor, a writer, an artist, an internationalist and above all, a beloved friend; we called this modest, unassuming man Dhuruva or, more often than not, Inventor. Continue reading

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Israel’s DFO and the fishermen of Palestine: confiscating the forbidden sea


• Fishermen fired at by Israeli Navy and detained

• Boats, nets and equipment vandalized or seized without cause

• False accusations of “fishing in a restricted area”

• Livelihoods of hundreds ruined

• Essential food denied to the people

• A unique but familiar story to the fishers of Canada and the Third World who live under siege


Introducing excerpts from an Amnesty International Report. Part One of a two-part series. For Part Two please visit here.

palflagpalfishermenHALIFAX (10 October 2003) – THIS IS A STORY about what is happening to the unseen Palestinian fishermen of the Gaza Strip on the Mediterranean Sea. Fishermen whose families have been fishing the azure waters of the Mediterranean for millenia – for sardines, tuna and Sultan Ibrahim fish. Fishermen who along with mastering the perils of the sea must now face cold-blooded, land-based monsters mutated by imperialism. Fishermen who face brutal restrictions, seizures and closures, strangling an already devastated sector of the traumatised economy of Occupied Palestine. Continue reading

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