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Nation-building in the 21st century or empire-building

160501-TorontoMayDay-02cropFinding a practical way forward for the workers’ movement to make the struggle for rights effective at this time | ROLF GERSTENBERGER*

Nation-building in the 21st century has to overcome the obstacles that developed during the 20th century. These obstacles derive primarily from the empire-building of the global monopolies and the big powers with which they are connected. Empire-building of the global monopolies during the twentieth century overwhelmed and defeated the nation-builders of the nineteenth century, the nascent period of capitalism, and the heroic nation-building attempt of the working class in the Soviet Union. Continue reading

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No payoff to US Steel! Keep Stelco producing!

Unite to defeat monopoly right!

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) denounces with utmost contempt the CCAA ruling that sanctions not only the bogus claim of U.S. Steel on the remaining Stelco assets but also its deliberate wrecking and liquidation of a productive Canadian asset. The ruling under the anti-social authority of the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) puts at risk the pensions of 20,000 retired and retiring steelworkers and salaried employees of the Stelco steelworks in Hamilton and Nanticoke and further threatens the livelihoods of the remaining employees. Continue reading

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Stand as one in defence of the rights of all!

Keep Stelco Producing!
Steel not Steal!

“The People vs U.S. Steel,” Hamilton Day of Action, January 29, 2011.

Saturday, January 30 — 1:00 pm
Hamilton City Hall, 71 Main St. W.
For information: Local 1005 USW 905-547-1417
or Local 8782 USW at 519-587-2000.


The situation at U.S. Steel/Stelco needs the people’s intervention. When the people stand as one for a just cause it makes a difference. U.S. Steel has attacked not just active and retired steelworkers and salaried employees but also the Ontario and municipal governments, suppliers, contractors, our collective economy and social fabric. It has assaulted the rights of all and the common good. Continue reading

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A step too far: U.S. Steel files motion to steal $2.2 billion from Canada

(November 5) – U.S. Steel executives are flush with arrogance for having manipulated the Ontario Superior Court to put its wholly owned Canadian subsidiary into bankruptcy protection of the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) without putting U.S. Steel assets in the U.S. at risk. This was done with the criminal magician’s sleight of hand, creating a fictitious separate Canadian company, an offspring that has supposedly bled the good U.S. parent dry. Continue reading

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Stelco and the need for a new direction

CCAA – Wild West show of the monopolies where might makes right

Yes, to a pro-social alternative for Stelco!
Keep Stelco producing!
Let’s make it happen!

Bewilderment is a word that comes to mind when thinking of the damage U.S. Steel has caused the Canadian economy and people without any significant pushback from the federal and Ontario governments. Continue reading

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U.S. Steel files for bankruptcy protection – Steelworkers respond

Labour Day march in Hamilton, 2014

Labour Day march in Hamilton, 2014

Harper Conservatives Enable U.S. Steel’s Latest Blow to Canada

– United Steelworkers –

Fraudulent Bankruptcy Without an Owner

– Rolf Gerstenberger, President, Local 1005 USW –

Local 1005 USW Press Conference

Transcript of Presentation by President Rolf Gerstenberger

August 13 Letter from Local 1005 to U.S. Steel 

August 14 Response from Local 1005 to U.S. Steel’s Self-Serving Restructuring Proposals

An Appeal to the Court of Public Opinion

– Local 1005 USW –

Local 1005 condemns in no uncertain terms this phony CCAA bankruptcy filed by U.S. Steel on September 16. It creates a very serious situation for active and retired Canadian steelworkers and their union, the United Steelworkers (USW), as well as the locals directly involved, Local 1005 USW at Hamilton Works and Local 8287 USW at Lake Erie Works. This phony CCAA filing also directly affects present and former salaried employees of the company, the citizens of Hamilton and their Municipal Council, and the Province of Ontario. Continue reading

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Hamilton steel: Are we a country or not?


ON BEHALF OF present and former members of Local 1005 USW, I wish to express deep regret and anger at the announced permanent closure of steelmaking at Hilton Works, which has been in operation our entire lives and has made Hamilton what it is today.

This is a dagger into the heart and soul of our community. The hand on this poisonous blade stretches from Pittsburgh but it has been guided into our chest by the federal and Ontario governments. They have the power to say no to this attack on Canada’s economy. They have the power to beat back this invasion of destructive robber barons whose private self-interest has nothing good to offer Canada. Continue reading

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U.S. Steel announces permanent shutdown of steelmaking at Hamilton Works

Time for a new direction for the economy

Manufacturing Yes! Nation-Wrecking No!

TML Daily (Nov. 1)  – U.S. Steel CEO Mario Longhi during a conference call from Pittsburgh to discuss the company’s 3rd quarter results announced, “We have decided to permanently shut down the iron and steel making operations at Hamilton Works on December 31, 2013. This action will result in a sustainable improvement in our cost structure of approximately $50 million per year and reduce our cash needs of these facilities by approximately $25 million per year. This reduction in our total steelmaking capability also improves both our iron ore and coke balance and allows us to take additional actions.”

In response to U.S. Steel’s destruction of steelmaking in Canada, the Harper Minister of Industry James Moore is reported to have said that the wrecking of Canadian steelmaking assets is a private business decision in which the government will not intervene. Continue reading

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