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Syria denounces double standards in humanitarian aid at UN

United Nations, Feb 26 (Prensa Latina) The Syrian ambassador to the UN, Bashar Al Jaafari, denounced this Tuesday that while some states claim to be concerned about the humanitarian situation in the Levantine nation, on the other hand they promote political and economic terrorism.

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Reconstruction in Syria: German ambitions

german-foreign-policy.com (August 28) – In view of Syria’s reconstruction, German business circles are preparing to establish a German business office in Damascus. According to a participant, German small and medium-sized enterprises are interested in orders from this war-ravaged country. Syria, however, prioritizes enterprises from countries, which had supported President Bashar al Assad during the war, or, at least, were not engaged in efforts to overthrow him. Continue reading

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UN General Assembly briefing on humanitarian situation


On October 20 a plenary session of the United Nations General Assembly was held in New York for a briefing on the humanitarian situation in Syria. The session, which was described as informal, was called in response to the request by Canada and 70 other member states for the General Assembly to take up the matter. Continue reading

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The program to resettle Syrian refugees in Canada (3): The settlement program

120310-EdmontonIWD-002crop(March 5) – On February 28 the government of Canada announced that as of that date 25,323 Syrians have been brought to Canada as refugees and been given permanent resident status, meeting the Liberals’ own February 29 deadline. Of those 14,418 were government-assisted refugees (GARs). Meanwhile, 2,179 were Blended Visa-Office Referred (BVOR), meaning the government will provide support for the first six months, following which private sponsors will provide support for another six months. The remaining 8,726 were completely privately sponsored.[1]

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The program to resettle Syrian refugees in Canada (2): Defend the rights of all

091023-MontrealJasonKenneyProtest-01As of February 28 more than 25,000 Syrian refugees have come to Canada. A little over half came as government-assisted refugees with the rest having private or semi-private sponsorship. A recent issue of TML Weekly features a call from the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) for working people to be vigilant and make sure their rights are defended in the context of defending the rights of all. We are posting the full text below. Continue reading

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The program to resettle Syrian refugees in Canada (1): Canada accepts US veto

In an interview with the CBC, U.S. President Barack Obama’s national security adviser, Susan Rice confirmed that Canada used the U.S. biometrics system to screen each of the 25,000 Syrian refugees that came to Canada. “What we would do is share with our Canadian colleagues the info that we have uncovered and allow them to make judgments based on that,” said Rice. In this case the judgement was to automatically exclude that refugee. Continue reading


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CNN punished journalist for fulfilling a core duty of journalism


corporate mediaCNN yesterday suspended its global affairs correspondent, Elise Labott, for two weeks for the crime of posting a tweet critical of the House vote to ban Syrian refugees. Whether by compulsion or choice, she then groveled in apology. This is the original tweet along with her subsequent expression of repentance:

This all happened after The Washington Post‘s Erik Wemple complained that her original tweet showed “bias.” The claim that CNN journalists must be “objective” and are not permitted to express opinions is an absolute joke. CNN journalists constantly express opinions without being sanctioned. Continue reading

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