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Resistance of teachers and education workers in Nova Scotia; Defeat the vicious anti-social offensive which targets teachers, education workers and public education

Teachers rally in Yarmouth, December 6, 2016.


As a result of the resistance of teachers and education workers in Nova Scotia, joined by other working people and students, the Liberal government of Stephen McNeil has backed down on its threats to pass legislation to impose contracts on teachers who are beginning a work-to-rule campaign by withdrawing voluntary extra-curricular activities. The government has also been forced to back down on its threat to lock students out of school while debating this legislation. Continue reading

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The dignity and vocation of the teacher

MARCH 19, 2001 - HAVANA, CUBA: Elementary school students play before the start of classes at a school in the Vedado section of Havana, Cuba, March 19, 2001. Cuba's education system is widely considered to be one of the best in the developing world and Cuba's illiteracy rate is among the lowest in the world. PHOTO BY JACK KURTZ WOMEN EDUCATION FAMILY CHILDREN

Elementary school students play before the start of classes at a school in the Vedado section of Havana, Cuba | JACK KURTZ

I saw an interesting interview in the context of Obama’s visit on CNN with a Cuban lady teacher, who caused me to think about those who teach. You have a noble profession. Of course, the American TV was trying to make her ashamed she was not paid so much, and her school did not have great technical resources like computers for the children. She replied, “yes, that is true, but for us teaching is more like a labour of love. And in what countries are teachers paid so much?! Continue reading

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U.S. academia’s indentured servants

Alternet – The New York Times reported that 76 per cent of American university faculty are adjunct professors – an all-time high. Unlike tenured faculty, whose annual salaries can top $160,000, adjunct professors make an average of $2,700 per course and receive no health care or other benefits. Most adjuncts teach at multiple universities while still not making enough to stay above the  poverty line. Some are on welfare or homeless. Others depend on  charity drives held by their peers. Adjuncts are generally  not allowed to have offices or participate in faculty meetings. When they ask for a living wage or benefits, they can be fired. Their contingent status allows them no recourse.

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Mass rally in Toronto opposes McGinty’s attacks against teachers, education workers and the rights of all

SOME 20,000 teachers and education workers and their supporters from all over Ontario rallied at the Ontario Legislature on August 28 in a powerful demonstration of their opposition to the introduction of Bill 115, the Putting Students First Act, by the McGuinty Liberal government. Ontario Political Forum* reports that the teachers and education workers were supported by delegates from teachers’ organizations all over the country and by contingents of workers and their organizations from the public and private sectors. Bill 115 is draconian anti-worker legislation that strips teachers and education workers of their right to collective bargaining and right to strike and cuts teachers and support workers pay through a two-year freeze on wages, unpaid days and changes to wage grids. A rally for northern teachers and education workers was also organized in Thunder Bay. Full report...

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