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Canadian Forces take part in US military exercise off coast of Venezuela

(September 11, 2017) – From June 6 to 17 Canadian military personnel participated in Operation Tradewinds, an annual military exercise in the Caribbean sponsored and led by U.S. Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM). The operation was being conducted in two phases: from June 6-12 in Barbados and from June 13-17 in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Department of National Defence (DND) described Operation Tradewinds as “a multinational maritime interdiction, ground security and interagency exercise that focuses on countering transnational organized crime and practicing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief […] in order to promote regional security cooperation.” Continue reading


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‘Partnership of the Americas’: Ceaseless exercises of the US navy and NATO fleets, ceaseless preparations for intervention

During the first day of PANAMAX 2005, a U.S.-led formation of ships heads to sea. PANAMAX is an exercise organized under the pretext of the “war on terrorism” to “develop a multinational response to threats against the Panama Canal.” The 2005 exercise involved 15 countries, including naval forces from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Panama, Peru and the U.S., along with observers from Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, France, Mexico and Uruguay. The exercise was conducted Aug. 4-17, 2005 and consisted of scenario-driven surface, air, mine counter-measures and special operations events involving detection, monitoring and interdiction of vessels. U.S. AIR FORCE PHOTO


Fifth in a series of seven articles on the occasion of Harper’s visit to Latin America and the Caribbean

HALIFAX (13 August 2007) – FOR THE IMPERIAL POWERS, warships are but floating bases to deliver the marines and firepower on board, secure the sources of raw materials and natural riches, dominate the oceans and sealanes of the world, and through the old gunboat policy put down the struggles of the peoples for independence and change. Continue reading


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