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Joint Intelligence Bulletin: An Example of Disinformation

On January 13, 2021 a Joint Intelligence Bulletin was issued by the DHS, FBI and NCTC. It is written, so it is said, to warn about the threat of further actions such as took place on January 6. But it reads as a threat to all those standing up for rights.

January 2021. Protest actions by those involved in the movement for rights and against police impunity continue in Portland (above) and other cities.

On January 13, 2021 a Joint Intelligence Bulletin was issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). The Report is titled: “Domestic Violent Extremists Emboldened in Aftermath of Capitol Breach, Elevated Domestic Terrorism Threat of Violence Likely Amid Political Transitions and Beyond.” It states that its purpose is “to highlight the threat of violence from domestic violent extremists in the wake of the January 6 violent breach… of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, DC, following lawful protest activity related to the results of the General Election.” The Bulletin is Classified U/FOUO, meaning “unclassified, for official use only.” Continue reading

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Insurrection and the administrative state

The demands of the American people are not coming from a defence of the Constitutional order but as rights belonging to the people. The clash between the two conceptions is very real.

January 17, 2021. Washington DC.

By Kathleen Chandler

Why did Congress so quickly take up impeachment on the basis of charging Trump with “incitement to insurrection?” What does it mean for a Biden administration and the movements of the people for rights? Part of the problem the rulers are contending with is that existing political arrangements cannot solve the people’s demands for equality and accountability. This drive of the people was evident in many actions in 2020 and since, not only in terms of opposing racist police brutality and killings, but also by nurses, warehouse workers and other frontline workers demanding COVID-19 protections and free health care for all. It can also be seen in demands for income security throughout the COVID crisis, opposition to evictions and more. The growing conflicts within and between Congress, the Presidency, military and policing agencies also show the rulers cannot solve these conflicts among their contending factions vying for power.  Continue reading

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January 6 events in the US: What is an insurrection?

INSURRECTION – Banner front-page headline, Toronto Star, January 7, 2021

President-Elect Joe Biden, along with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and New York Senator Chuck Schumer – who will soon replace Mitch McConnell as head of the Senate, have all termed the protest at the Capitol building January 6 an insurrection. It is reported that articles of impeachment being drawn up by Pelosi charge President Trump with “incitement to insurrection.” So far no such charges are being levelled against the Senators, such as Josh Hawley of Minnesota and Ted Cruz of Texas, who also could be said to have “incited” protesters. These two Senators and the six others who joined in challenging the certification of the vote for Arizona and Pennsylvania, are now being referred to by some U.S. Representatives as the “Sedition Caucus.” But there is no call for charges to be laid, only for resignations. Continue reading

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January 6 events in the US: An event that lays the groundwork for increased police powers

From the Biden forces the efforts are now to portray the events of January 6 as an “epiphany,” a revelation. January 6 is the Christian celebration of the Epiphany that ends the 12 days of Christmas with the coming of the three wise men, the Magi. “On this day of revelation, let us pray that this instigation to violence will provide an epiphany for our country to heal,” said Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. President-Elect Joe Biden also spoke of an epiphany after the November election | ANNA DI CARLO

Within minutes of the January 6 breach of the Capitol Building by protesters incited by Trump’s claim that victory in the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen from him, there was a widespread description of the event as an “insurrection” by media personalities and elected officials. This represents a departure from the normal vocabulary of the ruling elite to categorize protests in which violence erupts. Continue reading

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January 6 events in the US: What is relevant and what is not

What took place was not Trump vs. democracy, as it is being portrayed, as Trump also said he was acting to save the Republic and its democracy. Rather it was the powers of the presidency vs. the powers of Congress | KATHLEEN CHANDLER

Looking at what took place at the Congress in Washington, DC on January 6, there appears to be both a failed coup on the part of U.S. President Donald Trump and an effort by President-Elect Joe Biden to use the events to further strengthen the presidency by uniting the federal policing and military bureaucracies behind him. Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi are acting as enablers in this effort. Pelosi for example, even though Trump is still Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. armed forces, has publicly said she is speaking with the military so they keep Trump from the “nuclear button,” as it is called. This is an effort to line the military up behind Biden. We are witnessing a counterrevolution within the long-standing counterrevolution that has been ongoing since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Continue reading

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January 6 events in the United States: Counterrevolution within the counterrevolution

The reason we call it a counterrevolution within the counterrevolution is because we are not just dealing with two sides – one side which engaged in an insurrection and another which defends democracy. The whole picture is greater than the sum of its parts which cannot be aggregated in any case  PAULINE EASTON

Given the evidence available at this time, what took place at the Capitol building in Washington, DC on January 6 is a counterrevolution within the counterrevolution. It becomes increasingly evident that President Donald Trump staged a coup to keep the presidency in his own hands but this failed due to the defection of Vice President Mike Pence followed by others. Furthermore, due to the way things unfolded with the images of destruction, intimidation and hooliganism within the Capital building, Senate Chamber and House Speaker Pelosi’s office broadcast across the world, Trump could not maintain the military united behind him either. The failed coup was then used by President-Elect Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others in an effort to unite the federal policing and military bureaucracies behind Biden to preserve the union and avert civil war. Pence and other Republicans, including those like Senator Ted Cruz who stuck to their stand of questioning the validity of the election, disassociated themselves from the violence and Trump and have moved to preserve their own careers and the Republican Party to fight another day. Continue reading

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US election spending: Telling indictment of US democracy

Spending on the November 2020 U.S. elections broke all previous records according to the U.S. Federal Election Commission. The two main cartel parties, the Republican and Democratic parties, spent the bulk of the total $14 billion. Continue reading

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On the questions of civil war, secession and treason in the United States


The U.S. Civil War officially ended 155 years ago. Despite this, civil war talk mentioning secession and treason have become commonplace. The Texas lawsuit which called on the Supreme Court to vacate the votes cast for president in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin pitted groups of states against each other, 17 in support and 20 against, with both sides saying constitutional issues were being raised.

On hearing the Supreme Court ruling against the Texas lawsuit, the head of the Texas Republicans said: “Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution.” In countering the lawsuit, state Attorneys General said it “risks the destruction of the Union,” and that it was a “seditious abuse of the judicial process.” Continue reading

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United States: Election clash continues

By Kathleen Chandler

November 12, 2020. Nurses in San Francisco demand safe staffing levels and conditions of work they require.

(November 21) – The continuing clash in the United States over the results of the presidential election, in the face of COVID-19 cases surging across the country, has only further confirmed the sentiment among the people that the country is headed in the wrong direction and those in government, at all levels, are unfit to govern. Health care workers and other first responders and essential workers still do not have sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) and testing. For example, nurses in Minnesota caring for COVID-19 patients say they have not been tested since the pandemic began. Firefighters and teachers are sleeping in their cars so as not to infect their families. It is commonly felt and spoken of that what is occurring is criminal and government must be held accountable – for all the deaths and for not guaranteeing free PPE, testing, and health care for all in need. Continue reading

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Disputed US Presidential election: Significance of the results

November 4, 2020. Portland, Oregon

TML WEEKLY • November 7, 2020 – No. 43

• Anarchy and Violence Prevails – Kathleen Chandler

• Supreme Court, Elections and Crisis of U.S. Democracy– Voice of Revolution

• Lawsuits as Means to Restructure U.S. State for Greater Federal Control

• Equality and Casting and Counting Votes

Readers’ Views

• Chaotic Elections Process Fails to Address All-Sided Crisis in U.S.

• Disinformation to Hide Crisis of Political and Electoral Process

• The Peoples of the U.S. and the Americas Are Our Allies, Not U.S. Imperialism

• Paying Attention to the U.S. Election

• U.S. Election Night and the Two Americas

• Results of U.S. Elections Do Not Reflect Consciousness of the Working Class


• Defend Our Rights! Into the Streets! Shut It Down!– United National Antiwar Coalition

• Defund Hate: No Matter Election Outcome, Congress Must Defund Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection and Prioritize Wellbeing of Our Communities– United We Dream

Photo Review

• Actions Continue Across the Country in Defence of Rights

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US elections: The ‘Two Americas’ in Contention Today

August 28, 2020. Demonstration of over 70,000 in Washington, DC, under conditions of the pandemic, on the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington | Karey

TML Weekly has published a special edition devoted to the US elections which are being held today. The articles are thought provoking. It states that “The aim is to provide readers with views, commentary and analysis, and information to help them grapple with what is pertinent and what is not in the election and to go to the heart of the matter of what is taking place in that country. It is crucial to lift the veil on the disinformation aimed at keeping the people disempowered.”

It calls on its readers to not get caught up in the disinformation which is being ratcheted up a hundredfold. “Reject all discourse which leaves the people out of the equation or blames the people for the outcome or declares that the vote counts or that the people confer a mandate or that the military should intervene in any way.” Continue reading

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Reality Check: Globe and Mail’s fake news about Biden and Harris

The Globe and Mail declares in its quarter-page lead story today “Historic selection makes California senator the first woman of colour on a U.S. presidential ticket” (“Biden selects Kamala Harris as running mate,” August 12). This is fake news.

Charlene Mitchell, America’s first Black female presidential candidate | Wikimedia Commons

Continue reading

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