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United States. People’s resistance defends the rights of all and opposes politics of division and arbitrary police powers

Migrant solidarity action in Los Angeles, November 2018. (ANSWER)
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Sighting. Mass resistance sets tone for Trump presidency

Actions in Washington and around the world

Women’s March on Washington, January 21, 2017

Mass actions in the lead up to Inauguration Day, on January 20 in Washington, DC and after, including unprecedented demonstrations for the Women’s March on January 21 made amply clear the widespread sentiment in the U.S. to reject the Trump presidency, oppose war and attacks on rights and for empowerment. Actions took place in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and cities worldwide. The spirit of resistance eclipsed attempts by one or another of the ruling factions of the financial oligarchy to use it for self-serving ends. The actions of people in their millions were a rejection of an outmoded system of politics that deprives them of a say and that has set the country on a dangerous course at home and abroad.

As CPC(M-L) pointed out on November 9, 2016, the election of Trump was an end to business as usual. Continue reading

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US deports children: Operation Captain Hook?

US.Stop deportations now

(June 24)  – While United States welcomes Cuban dancers and baseball players with open arms, it denies entry to tens of thousands of Central American children who cross Mexico’s border alone to flee violence and poverty in their countries. Continue reading

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Tragedy of immigrant children in the US


No one can predict the resolution – if there is one – of the humanitarian crisis created by the wave of young children who, despite all odds, cross the border into the United States, coming from Mexico and Central America. Continue reading

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