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The program to resettle Syrian refugees in Canada (1): Canada accepts US veto

In an interview with the CBC, U.S. President Barack Obama’s national security adviser, Susan Rice confirmed that Canada used the U.S. biometrics system to screen each of the 25,000 Syrian refugees that came to Canada. “What we would do is share with our Canadian colleagues the info that we have uncovered and allow them to make judgments based on that,” said Rice. In this case the judgement was to automatically exclude that refugee. Continue reading


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This day in history: US-backed military coup in Brazil

On the 50th anniversary, US archive posts new White House records on coup plotting against Brazilian President Joao Goulart. “The Kennedy White House was particularly upset about Goulart’s independent foreign policy positions … Goulart was deemed insufficiently supportive of U.S. efforts to ostracize Cuba at the Organization of American States.”

LBJ Library Photo by Yoichi Okamoto

LBJ Library Photo by Yoichi Okamoto

Washington, DC, (April 2, 2014) – ALMOST TWO YEARS before the April 1, 1964, military takeover in Brazil, President Kennedy and his top aides began seriously discussing the option of overthrowing Joao Goulart’s government, according to Presidential tape transcripts posted by the National Security Archive on the 50th anniversary of the coup d’tat. “What kind of liaison do we have with the military?” Kennedy asked top aides in July 1962. In March 1963, he instructed them: “We’ve got to do something about Brazil.” Continue reading

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Atlantic Council: Securing the 21st century for NATO

THIS indepth article by RICK ROZOFF of STOP NATO elaborates the most important features of the imperial agenda of the Obama Administration, particularly its so-called new security doctrine, to be adopted at the upcoming NATO Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, November 17-19. Along with profiling the imperialist cadre behind NATO in the USA and their links, it also deals with the retasking of the NATO bloc on a global basis, in which the Harper government is embroiling the Canadian people. It is published as background information on the Halifax International Security Forum, organized by the German Marshall Fund of Washington, which is interlinked with the Atlantic Council of NATO, and wholly funded by the Canadian Department of National Defence and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

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