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This Day. The downing of Iran Air Flight 655


(July 3) – On this day in 1988, the American warship USS Vincennes deliberately fired missiles at an Iranian civilian aircraft, Iran Air Flight 655. Two hundred and ninety innocent passengers died. Vice President George W. Bush honoured the warship, saying: “I don’t care what the facts say: I will never apologize for the United States … Life goes on!”

A300B2-203 Iran Air EP-IBT at Mehrabad International Airport, Tehran | Khashayar Talebzadeh

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US expands base in Rota, Spain

map.spain_gibraltar_rotaUNDER the hoax of “protecting Europe from the threat of attack from Iran” and the cause of freedom and democracy, the United States has deployed four interceptor missile warships to Rota, Spain, thereby boosting the military strategic significance of Rota, the Mediterranean Sea and North Africa. Continue reading

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US begins navy drills in Black Sea near Crimea

During the Sochi Winter Olympics last month, TV coverage highlighted Russian warships and even a nuclear submarines stationed just off the coast of the resort city for security, but the passage of two U.S. warships – the USS Mount Whitney, the sophisticated command or flag ship of the US Sixth Fleet and the guided missile frigate USS Taylor with 600 U.S. Marines onboard – into the Black Sea was never mentioned. The US has for several years been staging, in conjunction with its NATO allies including Canada, annual large-scale naval war games called Sea Breeze. They are conducted in the Crimea dangerously close to where the Russian Black Sea fleet is stationed at Sevastopol. The objective: to convert the Black Sea into an American lake. However, if the latest exercise is something ordinary – Washington says that they are a regularly scheduled exercise – then why the extraordinary armament, i.e., guided missiles in the Black Sea?  Continue reading

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