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Ukraine: The inter-imperialist rivalry between the Biden presidency and rich local oligarchs

‘One Way Ticket’, painting by Svetlana Kryukova, 2021*

By Dmitriy Kovalevich*

Over the past 30 years, Ukraine’s independence has had two main pillars – the administrations of the United States/UK/Canada and the Ukrainian oligarchs, who defended their assets looted in the 1990s. Both these pillars have actively promoted their deputies to the Ukrainian parliament, as well as financing ultranationalist organizations and their media. And right now, a struggle is flaring up between the two pillars.

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State funeral of a former SS in Kiev

On Sunday June 13, 2021, the state funeral of former Waffen SS Galizia Division veteran Orest Vaskul, 94, took place at the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, St. Michael Golden-Domed Monastery, in Kiev.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was represented by soldiers from his personal regiment, who paid the last respects to the one who served alongside Nazi Germany. Defence Minister and former military attaché in Washington, Lieutenant General Andriy Taran, was also represented. The coffin of the former SS was covered with the Ukrainian national flag.

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Ukraine Update: Crackdown on media and opposition to please Biden

The Biden administration in the US appears to be impacting on Ukraine’s presidential policy, which in turn is negatively affecting the country’s opposition and opposition media, while nationalism and militarism are increasing | Dmitriy Kovalevich


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Ukraine Update: Oligarchic local elections and US media censorship

Dmitriy Kovalevich’s update on the local elections in Ukraine and US embassy pressure to impose media censorship in Ukraine. “The bill on media, which the U.S. embassy is promoting, should make it easier to block unwanted websites and TV channels.”

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Ukraine Update: The sound of war drums

Dmitriy Kovalevich reports on massive, multi-vectored air, land and sea exercises unleashed by the U.S. armed forces and NATO in and over Ukraine – and its relation to the US presidential election. Despite the global pandemic, the Canadian Forces is participating, showing the real face of the Trudeau-Freeland “multilateralism”

During September, many Ukrainians have been feeling anxious due to the increasing signs of an impending military escalation of the global conflict between Russia and the United States. Some have voiced the opinion that Ukraine could become a battlefield between the two nuclear superpowers. Naturally, this prospect is not making Ukrainians happy.

In early September, US strategic B-52 bombers, capable of carrying a nuclear weapon, flew over Ukraine for the first time[1]. Flying from the US military base in the UK, they proceeded via the Volyn region (western Ukraine) towards the Crimea, although they did not cross its borders. Nevertheless, the Russians raised the alarm and sent fighters out to intercept the “flying fortresses.” Continue reading


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Ukraine Update: A year of broken promises in Ukraine and Biden’s corruption affair

The first year of Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky and the leaked conversations between ex-president Poroshenko and Joe Biden | DMITRIY KOVALEVICH

A year has passed since Vladimir Zelensky became president of Ukraine. Twelve months ago, three quarters of the country’s electorate voted for him; optimistically, they associated him with being able to reboot the country’s political power. Voting for Zelensky was essentially a protest vote. People were casting their votes against the nationalist Maidan government and the main requirement was to hold to account corrupt officials and war criminals from the coterie of ex-president Petro Poroshenko. The focus of Zelensky’s campaign was a promise to hold them responsible. “I am your sentence,” the young actor boldly declared to the ex-president. Continue reading

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‘Heroes’ to be arrested for the Maidan massacre?


(March 27) – The Prosecutor General Office of Ukraine reportedly plans to arrest two prominent recent members of the parliament and far right activists on charges of their involvement in the Maidan massacre. Continue reading

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Ukraine Update: Political maneouvres and coronavirus threat

TSB analyst Dmitriy Kovalevich* examines the serious political crises facing Ukraine, its economic crisis and the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the month of March, Ukraine has faced serious political crises, accompanied by economic troubles and the COVID-19 outbreak. The Cabinet of Ministers resigned in early March, under a barrage of harsh criticism for its ineptitude in dealing with the country’s economic problems. Continue reading

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Ukrainegate: The conflict in Ukraine, which started with US involvement, backfires into US politics and can damage both the current US president and his top challenger

Interview with Dr Ivan Katchanovski, Ph.D.

How did a comedian-turned-President end up contributing to the beginning of a process of impeachment, so talked about but fairly rare in US politics? Feel free to expand in whichever direction you want.

The president of Ukraine and Ukraine overall are just playing cards in the US politics in the case of the impeachment process. The Democratic Party started playing this card after its hopes to impeach Donald Trump using the Russiagate scandal failed after the Mueller investigation did not prove Trump collusion with the Russian government and a conspiracy theory that Trump is a Russian agent was also debunked. The whistleblower report about the call between Volydmyr Zelensky and Trump was used to initiate impeachment proceedings even before the transcript of this call was made public. Continue reading

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Ten dollars of pure democracy

The 12.7 mm bullet that killed the Ukrainian opera singer Vasyl Slipak [Zelensky retold this story during the UN session, hence why he has a bullet in his hand – ed] costs $10. It, in general, is correct that the price is given in dollars. Because the country that produces these dollars has a direct bearing on everything that is happening in Ukraine now. Continue reading

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Ukraine aviation: Five years of shame

2014.The SU-25 attack aircraft over the railway station in Donetsk

The SU-25 attack aircraft over the railway station in Donetsk on June 2, 2014 | Sputnik

By Rostislav Ishchenko

Five years have passed since that memorable day when on June 2, 2014 an attack jet of the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck a blow on the building of the Lugansk regional state administration. It wasn’t the first episode of the use of aviation in the civil war in Donbass. Military jets passed at low heights and broke the sound barrier over the residential quarters of the cities, intimidating the population. Continue reading

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2019 Ukraine presidential election: Results will sharpen internal contradictions


2019.04.Kolomoisky election graphic

The 2019 Ukrainian presidential election was held on March 31 and April 21 using the two-round system. A surprising total of 39 candidates ran for president on the ballot. Since entry into the campaign costs a non-refundable $90,000, speculation was rampant that some candidates were nothing more than straw men put forward by various factions of the rich simply to drain votes away from their opponents. Continue reading

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