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From Sahtú (Great Bear Lake) to Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Canada and the atom bomb

It is fortunate that the use of the bomb should have been upon the Japanese rather than upon the white races of Europe.
– William Lyon Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada (August 6, 1945, uncensored diaries)

On July 28, 1931 the first shipment of uranium was loaded onto a small craft at LaBine Point, on the eastern shore of Sahtú (Great Bear Lake, McTavish Arm), NWT | Public Archives of Canada C-23960


Few Canadians know of Canada’s link to Little Boy, the so-christened uranium bomb that exploded over Hiroshima, and Fat Man, the plutonium bomb that devastated Nagasaki. Not only were Japanese citizens expendable in the nuclear holocaust, but the “Canadian Genocide Machine” [1] wreaked long-lasting damage on the Original Peoples in the Arctic. Continue reading

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This day. Remember the Rosenbergs, murdered by the US ruling circles 63 years ago


On June 19, 1953, U.S. citizens Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed at Sing Sing Prison in New York on the false charge of conspiring to pass atomic secrets to the Soviet Union during the Second World War. The U.S. and Soviet Union were nominally allies against Nazi Germany at the time so the Rosenbergs were actually sentenced to death for passing secrets to a U.S. ally, which makes no sense. But the U.S. was a Soviet ally in name only. It is now well-known that the U.S. ruling circles, which had conspired with Nazi Germany during the war, had decided to openly betray the anti-fascist alliance before the war ended and to rebuild Germany as an anti-communist bulwark against the Soviet Union. Continue reading

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Injured Workers Day: On the 4th Annual Justice Bike Ride in Northern Ontario

Yesterday I read a really interesting and inspiring article in the Ontario Political Forum on the theme of standing up for injured workers in Northern Ontario. Four days of action, centring around the fourth annual Justice Bike Ride, a quite wonderful initiative. Continue reading

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