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70th anniversary NATO summit: London police fail to thwart No to Trump, No to NATO protest

Terina Hine, posted in Stop the War News & Comment

Thousands assembled on Tuesday evening [December 3] to join the No to NATO protest as NATO leaders came together for the 70th anniversary NATO summit. For a US President to visit the UK in the middle of a General Election campaign is unprecedented and protesters came out in force on this cold December evening to make their feelings known. Not only were anti-war protesters braving the cold but also a large contingent of NHS workers along with doctors and nurses, to make it clear that the NHS is not for sale. Continue reading

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NATO Summit: Rearmament despite dissension

NATO increases operational readiness and targets China

BERLIN/BRUSSELS (german-policy-com) – In spite of fierce internal conflicts, NATO is enhancing its operational readiness, is preparing its next expansion and is setting its sights on China as a new “challenge.” These are the main results of the war alliance’s anniversary summit, which ended in London yesterday, with the participation of the heads of states and governments of the member countries. As early as next year, NATO will be able deploy 30 army, air force and naval units in a war within a 30 day maximum. At the London summit, North Macedonia, which is about to join the Alliance, was represented for the first time. In the future, NATO will extensively concern itself with China, however not exclusively confrontational, as Washington would have wanted. The conflict with Turkey did not escalate, even though the dissension between Ankara and various other allied states, by no means, had been resolved. In fact, the Turkish government has implicitly been given a blank check for its heavily criticized activities in the occupation of Northern Syria. Continue reading

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Proposals for a direct vote for the US president and a Michelle Obama candidacy

Various proposals are currently being made for reforms to the existing electoral set up, such as different ways of counting the vote, caps on campaign spending, elimination of the Electoral College and its replacement with a direct vote for president. It is important to examine these proposals from a vantage point that is to the advantage of the people. That is, the existing relations of power keep the people out of power and preserve and protect the power of the rulers. Will proposals change these relations in favor of the people, or take steps in that direction? Or do they preserve the status quo? Continue reading

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Can impeachment restore confidence in a dysfunctional system?

Hillary Clinton, in supporting impeachment of President Trump, said, “This occupant of the Oval Office poses a clear and present danger to our future, to our democracy.” Use of the phrasing “clear and present danger,” is commonly associated with justification for aggression abroad against an enemy that has not attacked but poses a “clear and present danger,” and for restricting freedom of speech in the name of war and countering espionage. It would appear Clinton and those she represents, including the intelligence agencies, favour both at this time. These agencies, like the military are supposed to remain neutral, so as not to compromise their loyalty to the Office of the President. They both instead have been openly interfering, as the norms of the existing arrangements break down. Continue reading

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Koch and Soros join to form Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft

United actions in Washington, DC on March 30, 2019, 70th anniversary of NATO, stand against war

A main problem the U.S. ruling circles are trying to solve is preserving the U.S. and their rule in the face of intensifying conflicts among the factions vying for power, particularly control of the presidency. There is concern that Trump has been unable to unite the vying factions, especially the huge military bureaucracy, while also keeping the people dispersed and disempowered. In attempting to contend with these problems and unite the factions, some of the most powerful forces have joined together to establish the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft. It is openly a means to bring together what are often called anti-war conservatives and liberal democrats. It is funded by billionaires George Soros, a big Clinton backer, and the Koch Brothers, Trump supporters and notorious for their anti-union and anti-people actions. Continue reading

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Ukrainegate: The conflict in Ukraine, which started with US involvement, backfires into US politics and can damage both the current US president and his top challenger

Interview with Dr Ivan Katchanovski, Ph.D.

How did a comedian-turned-President end up contributing to the beginning of a process of impeachment, so talked about but fairly rare in US politics? Feel free to expand in whichever direction you want.

The president of Ukraine and Ukraine overall are just playing cards in the US politics in the case of the impeachment process. The Democratic Party started playing this card after its hopes to impeach Donald Trump using the Russiagate scandal failed after the Mueller investigation did not prove Trump collusion with the Russian government and a conspiracy theory that Trump is a Russian agent was also debunked. The whistleblower report about the call between Volydmyr Zelensky and Trump was used to initiate impeachment proceedings even before the transcript of this call was made public. Continue reading

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US media in state of denial, waits for Trump to knock over a bank

The discussion on the crisis in the US ruling circles is marked by an obtuse refusal on the part of the media to objectively examine the objective reality and the problems facing the current US system. They refuse to look at the realities of the political situation, especially the broad disaffection and discontent which exists, the need for political renewal, and even the realities of their own constitutional and electoral regime | JIM NAURECKAS of FAIR comments on the creation of a parallel universe”

Here’s a Doonesbury cartoon by Garry Trudeau from 1974:

Doonesbury cartoon

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