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Venezuela: Who is Ben Rowswell?

Note to readers: This post provides essential information on the background of the “former diplomat” known as the “combat diplomat” and is based on a profile written in 2015. The original article is now very much a work in progress as more information comes to light. It is being re-organized, rewritten and expanded for this publication. Contributions of information is welcome. – TS, 4 February 2019

Since January 23, Ben Rowswell has been put forward in the monopoly media as the condescending saviour to promote Canada’s open support for the counterrevolutionary forces that seek to overthrow the democratically-elected government of President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela. On January 24 he was featured three times on CBC TV, which has yet to find a Venezuelan to interview who is not from the family of an ex-army officer living comfortably in Montreal, and then again on January 28 in the Globe and Mail. Continue reading



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Venezuelan people march on Monday to support President Maduro

Caracas, Aug 6 (Prensa Latina) – Venezuelans are marching on Monday to express support and sympathy for President Nicolas Maduro who was on Saturday the target of a failed assassination attack with drones loaded with C4 explosive.

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Venezuela’s response to US interference

1. Government rejects CIA chief’s interventionist admission

The following statement was issued by the Government of Venezuela on July 25, 2017.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela categorically rejects the declarations of the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, Michael Pompeo, and denounces before the international community the systematic attacks against Venezuela from the USA, including: Continue reading

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Exponential growth of disinformation

Role of powerful private interests and the necessity to build our own organizations and media. “Although the use of social media by parties of the rich to gain electoral advantage and the wielding of social media as a weapon of U.S. imperialism against sovereign states have been well-documented, the use of social media by state agencies to directly interfere with progressive and anti-imperialist political movements is less well studied.” | SAM HEATON

One of the serious problems that faces the people’s movement for empowerment today is the exponential growth of disinformation that takes advantage of modern communications technology and social media. No sooner have these advances been made than powerful private interests, the state and its agents in the ranks of the people have worked out how to dominate and wield the technology in their interests. Continue reading


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Fake image of shortage-ridden Venezuelan supermarket taken in New York

mediaculpaheader.stretchedAlong with gossip, speculation, rumours and disinformation in small, unchallengeable and unverifiable chunks of words and video, the brazen use of fake photos and hoaxes by the monopoly media and social media is becoming common. LUCAS KOERNER documents the latest total fabrication from Venezuela below. Continue reading


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Obama’s declaration is as hypocritical as it is hysterical

Venezuela’s response: “Defend the human rights of the black U.S. citizens being killed in U.S. cities every day, Mr. Obama,” Maduro stated.

Emergency demonstration in support of Venezuela and to oppose U.S. threats, Vancouver, March 10, 2015.

Canadians respond: Emergency demonstration in support of Venezuela and to oppose U.S. threats, Vancouver, March 10, 2015.

Venezuelea-TeleSur-Icon(March 11) – U.S. President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order against Venezuela on March 9 aimed at interfering in the country’s sovereignty. His Executive Order is based on arguments claiming Venezuela is a threat to national security because of alleged human rights violations and widespread corruption. It reads: Continue reading

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Venezuelan president responds to latest US accusations

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro | Photo: teleSUr

(March 9) – The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro responded late Monday to the United States government declaring his country a “national security threat.”

Maduro rejected President Barack Obama’s measure and explained the executive order signed by the U.S. president coincided with a failed coup attempt in Venezuela last month, which had links to U.S. citizens.

“After we dismantled the coup attempt … the U.S. and President Barack Obama … decided to personally fulfill the task of ousting my government,” Maduro said.

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