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Exponential growth of disinformation

Role of powerful private interests and the necessity to build our own organizations and media. “Although the use of social media by parties of the rich to gain electoral advantage and the wielding of social media as a weapon of U.S. imperialism against sovereign states have been well-documented, the use of social media by state agencies to directly interfere with progressive and anti-imperialist political movements is less well studied.” | SAM HEATON

One of the serious problems that faces the people’s movement for empowerment today is the exponential growth of disinformation that takes advantage of modern communications technology and social media. No sooner have these advances been made than powerful private interests, the state and its agents in the ranks of the people have worked out how to dominate and wield the technology in their interests. Continue reading


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The Wikipedia File – Wrong information and propaganda in the Online Encyclopedia

Many people were shocked to learn the news that the publishers of renowned encyclopedia have decided to stop their print edition, such as the Encyclopædia Britannica, the publishing of which came to an end in 2012, after 244 years, or the German Brockhaus this year, after it had been issued since the mid 19th century. The reason for that is Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia which has been become so widely used in the last ten years that the printed reference books were not sufficiently in demand. They were no longer profitable. Continue reading

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Wikipedia – The dumbing down of world knowledge


JAY LENO probably said it best a few weeks ago when he joked that when Wikipedia’s servers briefly went down for some three hours, it left the world without a source for false and erroneous information. But many in our information-driven society believe it is no joke. A growing community of the informed believes that Wikipedia, the constantly-changing knowledge base created by a global free-for-all of anonymous users, now stands as the leading force for the dumbing down of world knowledge. If Wikipedia’s almost unstoppable momentum continues, critics say, it threatens to quickly reverse centuries of progress in the sharing of verifiable knowledge with its highest aspiration being genuine fact. In its place would be a constant cacophony of fact and falsity that Wikipedia’s critics call a “law of the jungle.” Continue reading

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