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The Queen’s Speech – Eva Dance

We are not in this together, because the authorities in command have for thirty years unleashed a vicious anti-social agenda on society. The motto of the ruling classes today is: All for One. That’s it.

For only the fifth time in her 68 years as “Queen of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland” and “Head of State of the entire British Commonwealth of Nations”, on Sunday, April 5, Elizabeth II gave a special address “to the nation and to her subjects”. The monarch has now cancelled the artillery salute on the occasion of her birthday for the first ever time as “inappropriate.” 

The media and pundits, including those employed by CBC and CTV,  lauded the speech to the skies saying that, even though it was less than five minutes long, its “We’re all in this together” message was very sincere and heartfelt and brought tears to their eyes. Continue reading

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Reality check: The Windsor family’s Nazi king of England

1937.Edward Windsor, Wallis Spencer & Hitler

Hitler, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor in October 1937. Joseph Goebbels wrote of the former King Edward VIII: “It’s a shame he is no longer king. With him we would have entered into an alliance.”

The great times they could have had


Wallis: Secret Lives of the Duchess of Windsor by Charles Higham

Sidgwick, 419 pp, £17.95, June 1988, ISBN 0 283 99627 7

The Secret File of the Duke of Windsor by Michael Bloch

Bantam, 326 pp, £14.95, August 1988, ISBN 0 593 01667 X

Original source: London Review of Books, Vol. 10 No. 16 · 15 September 1988, pages 12-13 | 3450 words

A GREAT MANY BOOKS and articles have been published recently about the possibility that a former head of MI5 was the agent of a foreign power. Could there be anything more horrible, more unthinkable? Well, yes, according to Charles Higham’s extraordinary biography, there could. He suggests that not long ago the most dangerous agent of a foreign power was the King; and the second most dangerous was the King’s lover. Both were sympathetic to, and possibly active agents for, Mussolini and Hitler at a time when the British Government was about to declare war on Italy and Germany. Continue reading


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Reality check: Windsor family – the admirers of fascism

Charles Windsor, the heir to the British throne, told an individual at the Canadian Immigration Museum in Halifax on Monday May 19th that, “Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler,” ostensibly relating to the accession of Crimea to Russia in March. The venue was a meeting with World War II veterans organized by the Harper government. His press entourage was quick to sensationalize the seeming “private” comment.
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What the Queen of Canada is up to

Daily Mail, UK (Dec 12) – THE Queen was “upset” about police officers eating nuts left out for guests before the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, the trial into alleged phone hacking at the News of the World has heard. Continue reading

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Malala meets the British Queen

malala-meets-the-british-queen-4076-articles.htmlMalala Yousufzai, the 16-year-old Pakistani girl from Swat, has become an international celebrity. She wants to become the prime minister of Pakistan to “save” it, as she puts it. There is plenty of help available. The latest in a long line of international personalities to promote her was none other than Queen Elizabeth of Britain. Malala was invited to Buckingham Palace as part of 350 youth from the Commonwealth. Continue reading

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The royals, US infantile propaganda and the republic

The American social and aristocratic class is as rigidly hierarchical as the British monarchy that the US media seems to deride. In fact, evidence shows that those born into the top one per cent continue to enjoy the benefits of the system far more than those at the bottom. The system favours the top one per cent disproportionately to the detriment of others.


(July 25, 2013, revised April 1, 2021) – THE omnipresent American media may be cynically mocking the so-called royal baby fever and paparazzi in the United Kingdom after Kate Middleton gave birth to a son on Monday, but its social structures and aristocratic class system are just as fossilized as that of any feudal monarchy and the House of Windsor with its obscene wealth. According to Bruce Covert of ThinkProgress, a think tank linked to the Obama faction, American children have very little chance of climbing out of the social class they’re born into. Continue reading


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After a seven-month absence due to the necessity to deal with various issues, I am resuming this weblog with both current as well as postdated materials. Readers may also be interested in WordPress’s ranking of the articles of greatest interest (below). There are presently 362 articles posted, of which 101 are from 2011, along with 345 images. There have been 6,448 views since the launching of the site in April 2011. Most visitors came from Canada. The United States and the United Kingdom were not far behind.

The busiest day of the year was June 23rd with 99 views. The most popular post that day was Lock out at post office: All out to defend the rights of postal workers!. The most commented on post in 2011 was Tony Seed again stands as anti-war candidate in Halifax.

Most viewed posts for all days ending 2012-02-02 (Summarized)

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6 Stop the warmongers! Reject the Halifax Chronicle Herald’s call for the invasion of Africa!

7 Reality check: The Windsor family wealth

8 U.S. bridgehead: Are the Canary Islands becoming the Miami of Africa?

9 The Michelin File: Drive to empire

10 Pensions: N.S. Government Retired Employees Association

11 Harper, military monopolies sell arms & Innu land in Paris; Newfoundlanders organize Mayday rally against cratering search and rescue sub-centre

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Canada Day with the royals (II): Reject Harper’s fascist one nation politics

Part two of a two-part series by TONY SEED. Part one is here.

mediaculpaheader.stretched(July 1, 2001) – THE Canada Day editorial of the Halifax Chronicle Herald is an incoherent rant pregnant with veiled threats against the Canadian people emanating from divine right.

It gives real meaning to “smitten” as in its banner headline “Canadians smitten [1] with royal newlyweds.” Continue reading

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Canada Day with the royals (1): We are not ‘smitten’ nor ‘smote’ nor amused

Protesters wait for the arrival of Britain’s Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, in Montreal, November 10, 2009. REUTERS/Christinne Muschi (CANADA ROYALS CONFLICT)

Part one of a two part series by TONY SEED, Part two is here.

HALIFAX (July 1, 2011, revised July 4) – THE July 1st headline of the Halifax Chronicle Herald leaps into never-never land with its banner of another royal tour: “Canadians smitten [1] with royal newlyweds.” The entire front page of the second section is also given over to fawning coverage of the alleged affair. Then you read more carefully. “A small crowd … at the government airport.” A “walk-about” amongst tourists to the nation’s capital with nothing else to do but touch the elephant! 

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Reality check: The Windsor family wealth

THE British royal family, the Windsors, refuse to disclose their personal wealth. They also protest that property Elizabeth Windsor holds as the “sovereign” should not be included, although she has the exclusive use of it and will be able to pass on that use to her children.

In 2008 the Times newspaper Rich List placed Ms Windsor at number 264 in its report of the UK’s wealthiest individuals. Her personal wealth was put at £320 million. (Note: £1 = $1.6) Continue reading


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Actions speak louder than words – Queen of England’s visit to Ireland; what they didn’t show in the media

Irish Republicans gather on O’Connell street in Dublin to demonstrate against the visit of the Queen of England to Ireland even before she arrived

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For your information: British royal wedding

Constitutional Monarchy – Remnant of medievalism and colonialism that should be abolished – not celebrated.

THE monopoly media are bombarding Canadians with images of a royal wedding. This is not innocent or detached tabloid journalism having a bit of fun. It is an offensive spectacle of obscene wealth and decadence and a crude reminder to Canadians that they are subjects of a foreign monarch. All the while, it diverts attention from the fact that Canada’s democratic institutions are not based on the consent of the governed but on the Royal Prerogative.

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