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This Day. The 12 women who killed 775 Nazis

They defeated Nazis. Red Army female snipers in Berlin on May 9th, 1945.

1945.05.09.Red Army female snipers in Berlin

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: V. Stepanova (20 kills), Y. Belousova (80 kills), A. Vinogradova (83 kills). SECOND ROW: E. Zhibovskaya (24 kills), K. Marinkina (79 kills), O. Maryenkina (70 kills). THIRD ROW: N. Belobrova (70 kills), N. Lobkovskaya (89 kills), V. Artamonova (89 kills), M. Zubchenko (83 kills). FOURTH ROW: N. Obuhovskaya (64 kills), A. Belyakova (24 kills). Total: 775 kills

It is estimated that in 1943 there were more than 2000 female snipers in the Soviet armed forces. Female snipers were credited with more than 12,000 confirmed kills.

For more information, read :

Feared female Soviet snipers, Nazi killers


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Women march on the Pentagon

Fed up with ongoing wars depleting innocent lives and the U.S. Treasury, more than a thousand women marched on the Pentagon on Sunday to declare their opposition to the continuing slaughter | JOE LAURIA Continue reading

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Women in US organize march on Pentagon


On October 21 and 22, women in the United States are organizing an anti-war march on the Pentagon to demand the complete end to the wars the U.S. is conducting abroad; the closure of foreign bases; and a significant cut to the Pentagon budget, to instead fund healthy social programs in the U.S. There will also be sister actions across the country. Continue reading

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Freddie Oversteegen, gritty Dutch resistance fighter, dies at 92

Freddie Oversteegen was only 14 when she became an assassin for the Dutch resistance. She engaged in drive-by shootings from a bicycle and luring German soldiers into the woods, where they were executed. | National Hannie Schaft Foundation


(September 25) – Freddie Oversteegen was only 14, petite with long braids, when she became an assassin and saboteur.

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Israeli forces wound scores of women in Gaza rally

The protest was the first mass women’s demonstration to take place in the strip since March 30 | Adel Hana/AP

 (July 3) – At least 134 Palestinians have been wounded by Israeli gunfire as thousands of Palestinian women demonstrated along the heavily fortified fence with Israel in the besieged Gaza Strip. Continue reading

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Patrick Brown: Am I missing something?


International Women’s Day March, Toronto, March 2017

(Revised and expanded from a Facebook post on January 25) – CBC TV’s The National hosted by Michael Serapio devoted the first 21 minutes of its 3-4 p.m. newscast on 25 January to the case of Patrick Brown, who has resigned/sacked as leader of the Conservative Party in Ontario although not his seat as an MPP after two women accused him of sexual misconduct. The case is dominating the news cycle. Premier Wynne, head of a government known for corruption and selling out the interests of the working class as in the case of U.S. Steel, was “shocked.” For its part, the Ontario PC Party declared it “unequivocally upholds the principle that a safe and secure society is what we expect and desire” and has “a message of change.” Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh called the Brown allegations ‘heinous.” Tory MP Lisa Raitt says she has an “open door” for anyone experiencing harassment. All apparently stand for women’s empowerment. Continue reading

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Final statement of Vancouver Women’s Forum on Peace and Security on the Korean Peninsula

The Vancouver Summit on Korea missed a critical opportunity for peace. Instead of supporting the reduction of tensions on the Korean Peninsula that began with the inter-Korean dialogue and the Olympics truce, the Foreign Ministers chose to further isolate and threaten North Korea. Continue reading

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