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At the Line of Control in Kashmir – Civilians not allowed on the Indian side

Indian Occupation forces continue to target and kill civilians across the LOC in Kashmir with increasing intensity and frequency. In contrast to the silent acquiescence of the Trudeau Liberals, a Canadian delegation of human rights activists led by Zafar Bangash, director of the Toronto-based Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought, visits the region on an independent fact-finding investigation.

Villagers warmly greet Canadian delegation | Crescent international

The road from Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), snakes through some of the most breath-taking scenic areas toward Chakothi, the check point on the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir. To the left of the road is the Neelum River, its clear blue flowing majestically toward Muzaffarabad where it meets the Jhelum River at a point called sangam (meeting point). To the right are towering mountains of the Himalayan range where rock falls are common. Some drivers are quite reckless and it is a miracle that vehicles do not plunge into the river below or get into accidents on the twisting road. Continue reading

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The looming war between the Bani Saud

Saudi Arabia – a mother of terrorism

The ambitious bid of Bin Salman of the ruling family of Saudi Arabia, prime customer of Canadian-produced armaments, to consolidate power in his own hands | ZAFAR BANGASH*

There are clear signs of deep divisions among the members of Bani Saud that point to serious trouble in the days ahead. Largely the result of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s grab for unlimited (unaccountable) power and the disastrous policies he has pursued unilaterally, there is great unease among other members of the ruling family that may explode into open warfare.

While the demented King Salman appears largely oblivious to what is going on around him, his son, the arrogant and erratic Bin Salman (BS) continues to make policy blunders that other family members fear would spell doom for the clan. Former Crown Prince and Interior Minister Muhammad bin Nayif was unceremoniously dismissed from both posts last June and is now reported to be under house arrest. The move was engineered by Bin Salman to pave the way for his own accession to the throne. Continue reading

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‘American Sniper’ – Zafar Bangash

Watch Zafar Bangash analyze the Hollywood war movie, “American Sniper.” Bangash uses the film as a platform from which to discuss a number other issues: Islamophobia, Harper’s proposed draconian new anti-terrorism legislation (Bill C-51), and Canada’s military mission in Iraq and Syria. Zafar Bangash is a world-renowned Muslim scholar, editor of Crescent International Magazine, author, and imam at the York Regional Islamic Centre in Markham, Ontario.


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ISIS takfiri terrorists: McCain-Obama’s offspring

Despite propaganda, the ISIS-takfiri terrorists are being supported, trained and armed by the US, NATO and its regional puppets. Washington just signed an agreement with Turkey to train “moderate” rebels to fight in Syria. Isn’t this what the US has been doing in Jordan for more than two year? ZAFAR BANGASH*

Syrian graphic

The horrific video released on February 3 showing the burning death of Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh has sent shockwaves throughout the world. Such barbarism has few parallels in history and certainly none in Islamic history. Islam expressly forbids such cruel punishment despite the demented logic of the takfiris who go by different names: Da‘ish, ISIS, ISIL or even IS. Continue reading

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Bitter legacy of US ‘liberation’ of Iraq

This month marks the tenth anniversary of the US-allied invasion and occupation of Iraq. The attack was launched on a complete lie. While the Americans have gone, writes the respected Toronto journalist ZAFAR BANGASH*, the legacy of toxic weapons they used is affecting Iraqi civilians in horrible ways, while politically the twin cards of sectarianism and Kurdish nationalism are being used from outside as part of a covert program to infirm and split Iraq.

ON THE TENTH ANNIVERSARY of their country’s invasion and occupation by the US, Iraqis can be forgiven if they do not see the benefits of “liberation” even if American troops have left. The Americans left behind a bitter legacy of devastation, killings and destruction. Prior to US troop withdrawal in December 2011, the Americans had hoped for a deal that would allow some of their forces to remain in Iraq. In anticipation, the US built the largest embassy in the world, complete with nuclear bomb-proof bunkers, in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. The agreement fell through because the Iraqi government refused to grant immunity to American soldiers if they committed crimes in Iraq. America would not allow its soldiers to be prosecuted in foreign courts even if they are guilty of the most heinous crimes. Continue reading

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Disinformation: Was Malala Yousafzai used for a larger U.S. plan?

Exposé: The attack on Malala Yousafzai, a 15-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl, this past October evoked worldwide condemnation. From U.S. President Barack Obama to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, all condemned the attack. The respected Toronto journalist Zafar Bangash raises a central question: why is Malala given so much prominence when other attacks on girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan go virtually unnoticed? Continue reading

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CIC Award for Media Excellence – Letters from Colleagues across Canada

25 November 2006

Tony Seed,

Editor & Publisher,

Shunpiking Magazine, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Dear Tony,

Congratulations on receiving the Award of Media Excellence 2006 from the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC). For many years we have been journalistic colleagues and kindred spirits in building an independent media that tells the truth and provides Canadians with information relevant to their concerns. Your journalism, embodied in the ongoing work of Shunpiking Magazine and elsewhere, is at the same time fully partisan in its unrelenting defence of the rights of all, and most especially, those singled out for attack by the Canadian state and world reaction. Continue reading

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