No US or other foreign warships in Canadian waters!

United States Ship (USS) Gonzalez prepares to berth alongside USS Bulkeley at Canadian Forces Base Halifax on September 8, 2016 to participate in Exericse CUTLASS FURY | Corporal J.W.S. Houck, Formation Imaging Services, CFB Halifax

United States Ship (USS) Gonzalez prepares to berth alongside USS Bulkeley at Canadian Forces Base Halifax on September 8, 2016 to participate in Exericse CUTLASS FURY | Corporal J.W.S. Houck, Formation Imaging Services, CFB Halifax

Statement by No Harbour for War, Halifax, Nova Scotia

A large NATO naval fleet is in port to further embroil Canada in the war preparations of U.S. imperialism.

Seven NATO warships arrived on Wednesday and Thursday to take part in Cutlass Fury 2016, a NATO exercise to be held next week off the coast of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

For the first time in history there are two nuclear submarines simultaneously docked at CFB Shearwater.

The USS Toledo, a nuclear-powered Los Angeles-class fast-attack submarine, and the FS Perle, a French naval Rubis class nuclear attack submarine arrived Sept. 7th. Five other NATO warships arrived on the 7th and 8th, docking at HMC Dockyard.

The Canadian-led NATO exercise involves 2,000 sailors from France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. 1000 air force elements from these countries, working out of Greenwood airbase, will also take part in CF 2016 from September 12 to 24, 2016.

“It has been quite a number of years since we’ve had this many ships just all in one spot at one time for a Canadian exercise,” said a Maritime Forces Atlantic spokesperson.

Cutlass Fury 2016 will involve a series of exercises focusing on tactical training and will facilitate anti-submarine warfare training in a joint environment. HMCS Windsor will be involved as a target for the ASW training. Air defence, amphibious operations and support to special operations forces is also part of the exercise training regime.

Further insulting the peace-loving sentiments of Haligonians and Nova Scotians the warships arrived in the middle of the 11th annual DEFSEC Atlantic arms trade show taking place at the Cunard Centre. This is the second largest arms trade show in Canada. The arrival of these warships and the arms trade show together constitute an affront to all those forces working to make Canada a factor for peace in the world.

It has often been said that Halifax is the most militarized city in Canada. It is highly doubtful that anyone would dispute this view this week.

The Trudeau Liberal government dispatches our navy and CF18s around the world as part of the U.S. and NATO’s aggressive policies. Our army, besides currently being posted in far-flung places such as supporting the neo-fascist regime in Ukraine and about to be dispatched to Latvia, is being prepared to be sent to Africa as sham peacekeepers.

Far from protecting Canadians from the danger of war, NATO exercises such as Cutlass Fury 2016 further integrates our country into the U.S. war machine. Canada must not participate in U.S. imperialist war preparations and must also defend its sovereignty in a meaningful way.

This means not permitting the U.S. imperialists to exercise command and control over Canada’s air, land, water and government and military assets. We must withdraw from NATO as well as NORAD and work for an independent foreign policy.

It means to remove all Canadian soldiers, ships and equipment from foreign territory. Most importantly, it means that the Canadians must prepare to establish an anti-war government.

Get Canada Out of NATO and NORAD!
No U.S. or Other Foreign Warships in Canadian Waters!

Work for an Anti-War Government!

– – –

As a Los Angeles-class submarine the USS Toledo (SSN-769) carries about 25 torpedo tube-launched weapons, as well as Mark 67 and Mark 60 CAPTOR mines. It is designed to launch Tomahawk cruise missiles and Harpoon missiles.

The FS Perle (S606) is one of the most compact nuclear attack submarines the French navy has built to date.

HMS Monmouth (F235) is a Type 23 class frigate which forms the core of the Royal Navy’s destroyer and frigate fleet and serve alongside the Type 45 destroyers. Originally designed for anti-submarine warfare in the North Atlantic, the Royal Navy’s Type 23 frigates have proven their versatility in warfighting, peace-keeping and maritime security operations around the globe.

FS Languedoc (D653) is the French Navy’s newest FREMM frigate delivered in March 2016. These frigates are equipped with  naval cruise missile (MdCN), the Aster and Exocet MM 40 missiles or the MU 90 torpedoes. Canada was considering the FREMM class frigates as a model for the new Royal Canadian Navy frigates to be built under the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.

SPS Patiño (A 14) is a replenishment oiler of the Spanish Navy. It carries 9,000 cu.m. of fuel, which can be transferred at sea, in addition to large quantities of stores, equipment and ammunition. It also has hospital facilities and a helicopter landing deck. It has been made available to the Canadian Navy from January to March 2016 and again from September to November.

USS Bulkeley (DDG-84) and USS Gonzalez (DDG-66) are Arleigh Burke class destroyers a mainstay of the US navy. The USS Gonzalez took part in NATO’s 1999 aggression against the former Yugoslavia firing Tomahawk cruise missiles at Serbian targets.

– – –
Join the weekly anti-war pickets. 4-5pm, Fridays (weather permitting)
at the corner of Spring Garden Rd. & Barrington St.
Let us together organize and prepare conditions for an anti-war government!

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