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BBC’s use of fake images extends to natural history

The footage that embarrassed the BBC

The BBC is to launch a review into the Human Planet natural history series where four faked scenes have been exposed. Continue reading

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43rd anniversary of Vietnamese people’s great victory over the US imperialists: The real American war in Viet Nam – ‘kill anything that moves’


Victory monument in Xuan Loc, Vietnam

Forty-three ago, the U.S. imperialists were resoundingly defeated by the heroic Vietnamese people, who had suffered greatly at the hands of the French colonialists and then the U.S. imperialists. Historic photos show the last of the U.S. invaders scrambling frantically to escape Viet Nam by helicopter, trying to save their worthless skins from the wrath of people’s war. Continue reading

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May Day – Philippines

May Day rally in Cebu, 2017 | Tony Seed (Click to enlarge)

Every May 1, thousands of Filipino labourers come together across the country and fill the streets with a familiar rallying cry: “Mabuhay ang manggagawang Pilipino!” (Long live the Filipino worker!). The goal of the demonstrations is to bring to the forefront issues such as fair remuneration and labour export policies as well as such demands as to end U.S. military bases and domination.  Continue reading

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1 de Maig – Catalunya

FotoCCOO de Catalunya celebrarà aquest 1 de Maig amb el lema Ara ens toca a nosaltres! + igualtat, + ocupació, + salaris, + pensions

Les manifestacions previstes són:

Barcelona, 11.30 h. Ronda Sant Pere / Passeig de Gràcia.
Girona, 12.00 h. Plaça de la Independència
Lleida, 12.00 h. Plaça del Treball
Tarragona, 12.00 h. Plaça Imperial Tàrraco
Tortosa, 12.00 h. Plaça del Carrilet
Blanes, 18.30 h. Passeig de Dintre, 29 (davant de l’Ajuntament)
Igualada, 12.00 h. Passeig Verdaguer, cantonada amb Carrer Sant Magí

Feu clic per veure
– el cartell de CCOO de Catalunya per a l’1 de Maig
– el cartell conjunt de CCOO de Catalunya i UGT per a l’1 de Maig
– el manifest de l’1 de Maig: Ara ens toca a nosaltres: IGUALTAT, millor OCUPACIÓ, SALARIS més alts i PENSIONS dignes
– el programa d’actes del Maig de la Cultura i el Treball
– la notícia ‘Roda de premsa conjunta de presentació de les mobilitzacions del Primer de Maig de 2018’ (25-4-2018)

Source: CCOO

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May Day – Halifax

Halifax May Day, 2012

MAY 1 – International Workers’ Day rally and march
Public · Hosted by Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council
Tuesday at 5 PM – 6:30 PM
Halifax Grand Parade, Barrington St, Halifax, Nova Scotia
May 1 is the international day of celebrating the working class struggle for a better world.
The Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council invites everyone who is a friend of this struggle to come rally at Grand Parade Square in front of city hall at 5:00pm. We will march at approx. 6:00-6:30pm. A reception will be hosted by the Mayworks Festival at the Bus Stop Theatre at 6:30pm.

 Dave Shaw (25 April at 20:09):  May 1st! friends and allies, hope to see you there, great to see the Labour Council take this day on, as it normally is THE day of recognition of labour internationally. Years ago we met with resistance when we attempted to forge ahead with this very special day for a MAYDAY rally. People like Tony SeedAaron Doncaster Allan Bezanson Ivy Shaw Jeff Callahan, Toni MacAfee Charles Spurr and others were part of the loyal small contingent we were able to pull together years ago. Bravo that Labour is recognizing this day again in Halifax .

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All Out to Build the New!

International Day of Working Class Unity and Struggle

As workers all over the planet prepare to mark May Day 2018, contingents of the international working class reflect on their situation and their demands. In Cuba, the working people will celebrate their people’s power and pledge to take further measures to consolidate their socialist economy. In the capitalist world workers know from direct experience that the problems they face at work and generally in their lives and society are connected with the unresolved problem that political power is in the hands of alien class interests. To solve those recurring problems the working class must take collective action to sort out the question of Who Decides? Continue reading

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Germany and the EU: Using hardship of the Syrian people as leverage

BERLIN/DAMASCUS (April 26) – Berlin and the EU are seeking to use Syria’s hardships for leverage to gain influence on that country’s political development. Berlin will provide humanitarian aid for the Syrian population, German Foreign Minster Heiko Maas announced at yesterday’s Syria conference in Brussels – aid that is also seen as helpful in preventing a new wave of mass migration to the EU. However, aid for the country’s reconstruction will only be granted, if Damascus makes political concessions, Maas declared. Continue reading

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