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Cheap commemoration

BERLIN/ATHENS/WARSAW(November 11) – In reference to Greece and Poland’s new demands for reparations for Germany’s World War II mass crimes, the German government has reconfirmed its blockade on compensations. Berlin maintains that there are no legal grounds for Athens and Warsaw’s demands. No reparations will be paid. Continue reading


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This day. The Paris massacre of 1961

Carte.ParisAlgeriecleWhen the Seine was full of bodies – as many as 300 Algerians massacred in Paris by order of the police Prefect, a Vichy Nazi collaborator, who was never prosecuted for this heinous crime. The provocation came in the form of a police order that Muslim “citizens” of Algeria only should be subject to a curfew from 8.30pm to 5.30am, on the pretext that there had been a significant increase in the number of attacks on policemen. What happened on 17 October 1961 is not a matter solely for historians. Continue reading


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Freddie Oversteegen, gritty Dutch resistance fighter, dies at 92

Freddie Oversteegen was only 14 when she became an assassin for the Dutch resistance. She engaged in drive-by shootings from a bicycle and luring German soldiers into the woods, where they were executed. | National Hannie Schaft Foundation


(September 25) – Freddie Oversteegen was only 14, petite with long braids, when she became an assassin and saboteur.

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This Day. Mass anti-fascist uprising in Bulgaria begins

Pro-fascist monarchy overthrown

On August 26, 1944 the Nazi-allied Bulgarian government began the talks in Egypt with the USA and Britain, hoping for the dispatch of the US troops in Bulgaria as the Red Army was approaching Bulgarian borders. Continue reading

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This Day. International Day of Journalists’ Solidarity

September 8th has been commemorated as the International Day of Journalists’ Solidarity since 1958, when the 4th Congress of the International Organization of Journalists was held in Bucharest. It commemorates the day of execution of the Czech anti-fascist journalist Julius Fucik by Nazis on September 8, 1943.  Continue reading

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Historical Review. The Hitlerite pretext of saving the world from communism

We are printing below an extract from the chapter on the Second World War from the book The Great Conspiracy (1946) by Michael Sayers and Albert E. Kahn.

None of the incidents or dialogue in The Great Conspiracy has been invented by the authors. The material has been drawn from various documentary sources which are indicated in the text or listed in the Bibliographical Notes. Continue reading

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Canada’s anti-communist crusade: Black Ribbon Day – More anti-communist glorification of Nazism

Mass grave at Nazis’ Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. These are the crimes Canada condemns. They were perpetrated by the Nazis, Mr. Trudeau, not the communists.


On August 23, 2018, the Trudeau regime once again made a public statement to mark the anniversary of Black Ribbon Day, a memorial day concocted by the ruling circles of Europe in 2009 to promote anti-communism through slanders and lies and to glorify Nazism. Continue reading

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