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PyeongChang ‘Peace Olympics’: Korean nation’s profound desire for peace and reunification sets tone

Photo shows joint Korean delegation entering PyeongChang Olympic Stadium at the opening ceremony, February 9, 2018, ending the parade of nations. The Korean Unification Flag takes centre stage and flashes across the stadium seats with the name “Korea.”

A great sense of excitement surrounded the opening ceremonies of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics with a united north and south Korean delegation participating under the Unification Flag. Continue reading


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Liberals’ hypocrisy on home delivery and a universal postal service

Public Services and Procurement Minister Carla Qualtrough announced on January 24 what she called “the government’s vision for renewal at Canada Post.” Minister Qualtrough declared on behalf of the government that its “new vision is that of a renewed Canada Post that will provide high quality service at a reasonable price to Canadians no matter where they live.” The Minister did not elaborate the meaning of this “new vision” and “renewed Canada Post.” Notable as well was her refusal to refer to any of the reports or thousands of views submitted by Canadians on what they would like to see with a renewed Canada Post. Continue reading

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Sobeys attacks workers and economy in Western Canada

Whose Economy? Who Decides? | Workers’ Forum

Since Sobeys’ 2013 takeover of Safeway in Western Canada, it has closed over 50 stores within its empire affecting thousands of workers and those who relied on those locations for groceries and other supplies. Fifty store closures alone were announced in June 2014, that the company asserted “logically follow the acquisition of Canada Safeway.” These included Sobeys, Safeway and IGA stores in the Maritimes, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, with a majority in Western Canada. Continue reading

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Russia’s new pre-emptive move in Lebanon


Piece from an Israeli missile that landed in the eastern Lebanese town of Rayak near the border with Syria on February 10, 2018

Russia has put herself, for better or for worse, in a position that requires a huge role in the Levant; perhaps much bigger than what Russia bargained for on the eve of the Russian “intervention” in Syria on the 28th of September 2015.

The initial Russian-led attack on ISIS in Syria was highly successful until a glitch was added to the picture when Turkey downed a Russian Su-24 a few weeks later in November 2015. Continue reading

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Warship Watch. HMCS Chicoutimi offshore People’s Republic of Korea

Weapon of U.S. bullying and threats against DPRK

(February 10) – The Winter Olympics shows that Korea is striving for reunification, peace and to block regime change but the U.S. calculates that sanctions will ensure that Korea cannot last. The U.S. thinks that starving the people and creating ever more difficult conditions will bring the government down. The calculations of the U.S. and countries such as Canada are based on their psychology of bullying people. But their arrogance makes them blind to a quality of the people that they cannot fathom, which is their profound motivation to reunify their country. Just as U.S. policy toward Cuba, and Vietnam before that, failed to predict the readiness of the people to persist in their national and social liberation struggles, so too in Korea, the U.S. and its allies’ attempts to blackmail the Koreans do not reap the results they desire. Continue reading

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