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300 prominent global figures accuse Israel of committing ‘war crimes’  

Israel’s treatment of Palestinians – Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]

The universal show of solidarity to the Palestinians was published in an open letter which voiced strong opposition to Israel’s plans to forcibly transfer thousands of Palestinians living in farming-shepherding communities in the occupied West Bank. Continue reading


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Al Quds Toronto Committee rejects accusations made by pro-apartheid lobby group B’nai Brith Canada

In keeping with its tradition of hosting the largest Quds Day rally in North America, Toronto once again maintained this position on June 9. Men, women (young and old) and children from all walks of life and all religions joined this annual event that was held in 800 cities across the world. As is customary, there were Muslim, Christian and Jewish speakers. A large contingent of rabbis from the group, Netura Kartai was also present. The rabbis did not speak because it was Sabbath but a statement was read out on their behalf.  Continue reading

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G7 Summit: In open dissent

Commentators have spoken and written reams regarding U.S. President Trump’s imposition of tariffs, his refusal to sign a new NAFTA deal and the Mafia-style language used at the G7 Summit in Quebec. The incoherence masks the crisis in the G7 and the substance of the neo-liberal Summit | commentary

BERLIN (June 11 – The G7 summit in La Malbaie, Canada, ended in open dissent on Saturday without a joint final declaration. After the G7 state and government leaders had already agreed on a joint statement, US President Donald Trump withdrew his endorsement. The document is still supported by the other six G7 states and is occasionally referred to as the “G6” declaration, to point out the deep rift in the traditional West. Continue reading

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Venezuela: 48th General Assembly of Organization of American States

U.S. fails again in attempt to suspend Venezuela

At the 48th General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) held June 4-5 in Washington, D.C., the U.S. and a group of countries under its domination failed in their attempt to suspend the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela from the organization. Continue reading

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NORAD’s presence at G7

Radio-Canada announced June 3 that NORAD had set up two temporary military camps to carry out radar aerial surveillance. One camp is located at Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies and the other in Saint-André-de-Kamouraska. Saint-André-de-Kamouraska Mayor Gervais Darais had this to say about the military: “They do not identify themselves, they have had no contact with the municipality. The only contact we had with them was last March, when they asked us to open up the seasonal road leading to the site.”

The mayor of Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies said that around a dozen U.S. and Canadian soldiers have been deployed to the community. The municipality rented land to the military for $1,000 per day.

Both municipalities are located on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River.

(Radio Canada)

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The irrationality of steel and aluminum tariffs: Failure of G7 seen in international trade agenda


Commentators have spoken and written reams regarding President Trump’s imposition of tariffs on steel and aluminum and his refusal to sign a new NAFTA deal. This trade agenda is dominating the G7 Summit with claims that most members are opposed to tariffs and trade wars and want a rules-based system. All are united, however, when it comes to the global neo-liberal direction they have set for their economies and they refuse to admit that the G7 has given rise to disasters all over the world. G7 leaders and media speak as if the sky is falling and nothing can be done or understood of Trump’s actions. International trade is made to appear as imponderable and beyond the grasp of mere mortals. Continue reading

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The G7 does not represent us!: June 7 unity march in Quebec City

The evening of June 7 on the eve of the G7 Summit in La Malbaie, several hundred people took to the streets of Quebec City to firmly declare that the G7 does not represent us. Continue reading

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