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Why Russia shut down US NGOs – fronts of the US state

NEDThe neocon-flagship Washington Post has fired a propaganda broadside at President Putin for shutting down the Russian activities of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), but left out key facts like NED’s US government funding, its quasi-CIA role, and its plans for regime change in Moscow, writes ROBERT PERRY in Consortium News. The Harper government’s Dept. of Foreign Affairs has been covertly awarding millions of Canadian taxdollars to NED, and its subsidiaries, the National Democratic Institute (e.g., $374,206 on June 18, 2015; $426,054 on March 5, 2015; $698,227 on October 24, 2014) and the International Republican Institute (e.g., $6,000,000 on April 28, 2014 for “Strengthening Multiparty Democracy” in Ukraine and $1,000,620 and $1,125,390 on December 8, 2015). – TS

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History will absolve me… Fidel, 1953

july-26-bannerThe following is the reconstruction of Fidel Castro’s four-hour speech made on 16 October 1953 in his own defence in court against the charges brought against him after he led the attack on the Moncada Barracks. It was published as La Historia Me Absolvera (History Will Absolve Me) and laid out the national and social goals of the revolutionary movement that eventually triumphed on January 1st, 1959. History has vindicated Moncada! Continue reading


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62 years since Moncada! 62 years of defending independence, justice and dignity!


By Isaac Saney, Co-Chair & Spokesperson, Canadian Network On Cuba

July 26th, 2015 marks the 62nd anniversary of the act that is annually commemorated all over Cuba as the beginning of the movement and struggle that paved the way for the Cuban Revolution. On that day 62-years ago, Cubans rose up against the U.S. supported dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. Although that first battle was lost, the Revolution ultimately prevailed on January 1st, 1959. During the annual July 26th commemorations, the people of Cuba gather to honour the heroines and heroes of Moncada, and to celebrate Cuba’s independence.  Continue reading

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July 26: Celebration, joy and patriotism reigned in Santiago, Cuba

july 26 fidel 2SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba (July 26 2015) – An atmosphere of celebration, joy and patriotism reigned today in Santiago a city which  just celebrated the 500th anniversary of its founding, and in which the children confess that these same emotions are always present  when they celebrate their most important date – the date which marks the heroic deed of the attack on the Moncada Garrison led by Fidel 62 years ago .

The red and black, white and blue colors abounded on the streets; in the clothes of its inhabitants, in homes and public buildings, as the Cuban and 26 of July flags flew while chants ennobling revolutionary fervor filled the air. Continue reading

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The ridiculous nature of Saudi intelligence: What the Saudi cables released by WikiLeaks say and don’t say

Investigative journalist Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya trawls through the Wikileaks cables and the staggering (but entirely unsurprising) revelations within. They confirm what we already know: Saudis are destabilizing Iraq, highly active in Syria, and bribing their way into legitimacy worldwide. He also discusses Saudi horse trading with countries such as Australia and Russia. But who released the cables? Was the Yemen Cyber Army capable or interested in doing so? Why so few releases about Syria?


WikiLeaksWikiLeaks released the first batch of the so-called “Saudi cables” on June 19, 2015. By June 22, a total of 61,214 of the documents were released online. More than half a million of these cables are in the hands of WikiLeaks.
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How a weaker Iran got the hegemon to lift sanctions

A nuclear deal was finally reached on Tuesday in Vienna (AFP)


(July 15) – Iranian counter-pressure on the US, through its nuclear programme, finally compelled the Obama administration to begin negotiations

Now that Iran nuclear deal is completed, the attention of western news media and political commentators is predictably focused overwhelmingly on the opposition to the agreement within the US Congress and from Israel and the Saudi-led Sunni Arab coalition.

That media lens misses the real significance of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which is that Iran succeeded in negotiating an agreement with the United States that upheld its national right to a nuclear programme despite the obvious vast disparity in power between the two states. That power disparity between the global hegemon and a militarily weak but politically influential regional “middle power” has shaped not just the negotiating strategies of the two sides during the negotiations but, more importantly, how they came about in the first place. Continue reading

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CNC: Work set to end the US economic blockade of Cuba and to strengthen Canada-Cuba relations

keith ellis y isaac saney

The Canadian Network on Cuba (CNC) held a very successful 7th Biennial Convention in Toronto from May 30 -31, 2015.  Delegates and alternate delegates from 19 member organizations were joined by observers and invited guests including His Excellency Julio Garmendía Peña, Ambassador of Cuba to Canada, Javier Domokos Ruiz, Toronto Consul General of Cuba and other Cuban diplomats. Continue reading

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In Memoriam – Donald Neff

An American journalist and historian erased from history for reporting on Palestine. ALISON WEIR*

Author, Journalist Donald Neff (1930-2015) | James Buckner

Author, Journalist Donald Neff (1930-2015) | James Buckner

One of the top journalists to report on Palestine-Israel has died.

Donald Neff passed away on May 10 in his hometown of York, Pennsylvania, at the age of 84. The cause of death was heart disease and diabetes.

Neff was a luminous writer and meticulous reporter. From humble beginnings, he had reached the top ranks of American journalism. When he then turned his formidable talents to writing books and articles about Palestine, his contracts with mainstream American publishers dried up, his income plummeted, and his fame faded. Continue reading

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In Memoriam – Terry Brian Tingley

Terry Brian TingleyI was saddened to hear the loss of Terry. I send my heartfelt condolences to Lois, all of Terry’s family and many friends at this time of great loss and sorrow.

I first met Terry in 2000 as a candidate of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada, representing its work for democratic renewal of Canada. Terry Tingley was then Returning Officer (RO) for Elections Canada for the federal constituency of Halifax, where he served several terms. I had had experience with different officials in previous elections, but meeting Terry was like a breath of fresh air. Continue reading

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A day in the life of ‘Ukrainian democracy’

(1) Further attacks on press freedom, (2) resistance to disarmament by well-armed neo-fascist volunteer battalions that will be the hammer of any future neo-fascist seizure of power in Ukraine, and (3) a high-ranking Ukrainian official’s praise for the suspects in the murder of a journalist

By GORDON M. HAHN* (Most photos and captions have been added by TS)

Activists in Kyiv dressed as zombies shred 'Vesti' newspaper at June 21, 2015 protest in front of the Security Service of Ukraine building demanding banning of the paper (Roman Pilipey, EPA)

Activists in Kyiv dressed as zombies shred ‘Vesti’ newspaper at June 21, 2015 protest in front of the Security Service of Ukraine building demanding banning of the paper | Roman Pilipey, EPA

(June 21) – Samantha Power’s delusions notwithstanding, due to the inordinate presence of non-democratic elements and outside the Maidan government, ‘Ukrainian democracy’ remains a distant dream. We learned from the shortcomings of early ‘transitology’ in the 1990s that free and fair elections do not a democracy make.
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1,000 people in Kyiv protest war in eastern Ukraine

Antiwar rally in Kyiv on July 1, 2015 (Ivan Sirko,

Antiwar rally in Kyiv on July 1, 2015 | Ivan Sirko,

One thousand people in Kyiv have gathered once again before the walls of the U.S. embassy in Kyiv demanding that the U.S. cease interfering in the affairs of Ukraine.

They chanted “USA! Away with your soldiers and weapons. Do not interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine! Shame! You are causing the war! Yankee, go home!” Continue reading

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Canada Day 2015 – Resistance to nation-wrecking: Canadians fight for dignity and sovereignty

WCMustConstituteNationToday is July 1 – Canada Day. The day celebrates the 148th anniversary of Confederation which took place 148 years ago in 1867. While the nation-building project undertaken at Confederation bocked the annexation of the British Dominions in North America to the United States, today the country created at that time is in serious need of a new aim. Today Canadians are fighting for a nation-building project that defends their dignity and sovereignty against the neo-liberal anti-social offensive and the private interests it represents. Continue reading

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