CBC used to justify US war aims against Cuba to Canadians

In Support of Revolutionary Cuba | MARGARET VILLAMIZAR


In a spurious article published on March 3 titled “Canada at odds with Cuba ‘ally’ over Maduro’s fate,” CBC’s Evan Dyer appears to be trying to prime Canadians to accept a new round of illegitimate activity by the Trudeau government – this time appeasing the U.S. imperialists aiming their guns at Cuba as well as Venezuela.

With the failure of the U.S. and its asset Juan Guaidó to give rise to a split in Venezuela’s Bolivarian Armed Forces using their forced “aid” scam or to come up with a convincing pretext for an invasion, the U.S. has now started to train its sights on Cuba, allegedly because it is Cuba that is “keeping Maduro in power” and something needs to be done about it.

The article opens by stating that tensions are on the rise between Canada and Cuba, information shared with him by the Americas Director of Global Affairs and Minister Chrystia Freeland. The reason for the tension, he says, is Canada’s concern over Nicolás Maduro “increasingly leaning on the Cubans to keep him in power as Venezuelans turn against him.” Dyer would have us believe that the organized Venezuelan people who have been turning out in their tens of thousands at rallies all over the country to demand an end to U.S. threats and aggression and in support of their government and Bolivarian revolution, count for nothing.

Dyer’s “analysis” as it is called is in fact just a collection of scurrilous allegations and untruths spread by counterrevolutionary sources he sought out and calls “democracy” and “human rights” activists, and a few military defectors. One of the sources who we are told has been a frequent guest at parliamentary committee hearings on Venezuela and was consulted by the government prior to last month’s Lima Group meeting in Bogotá is an operative in Canada for a dubious U.S. and European Union-funded “human rights observatory” whose sole purpose appears to be pushing regime change and the need for international intervention against Venezuela.[1] Referring to a government that is up to its neck interfering in Venezuela’s affairs, the person in question said she found it frustrating that Canada did not have more to say about Cuba’s interference in Venezuela!

Chrystia Freeland informed Dyer that “the issue of Cuba’s role” in Venezuela was discussed at the last Lima Group meeting. This is hardly a surprise since the meeting was basically a platform for U.S. Vice President Mike Pence to push the Trump administration’s positions and blame others for the coup attempt having failed. Freeland let it be known that she was not above using Cuba as a scapegoat either. She said Canada was calling on Cuba to “allow” the Venezuelan people to have their constitution respected and to have a “peaceful transition to democracy.”

2010.05.22-TorontoCubaSolidarity-11cropCBC’s attempt to disinform Canadians was not limited to just reporting what those in the regime change camp had to say. Subtitles such as “Two dictatorships in one,” “Cubans in control,” “Surrounded by Cubans,” were used for this purpose, as was a hateful Nazi-style meme said to be circulating on social media called a “Declaration of war on Cubans.” “Identify them!” its headline screams, calling on all who receive the message to “make life impossible” for “all the Cubans who are occupying our beloved Venezuela,” saying where they can allegedly be found working and calling them “invaders” who must be treated as such.

Cuba’s profoundly humanitarian internationalism, the basis on which it sends medical and other social missions to work in 83 countries, is well known. Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez as well as its Ambassador to Canada Josefina Vidal both recently addressed lies being spread about Venezuela being “controlled” by Cubans. Both confirmed that Cuba’s assistance to Venezuela is delivered by just over 20,000 civilians, 94 per cent of them working in health care and others mainly in education.

So what are Dyer and the CBC up to? Simply repeating Trumpian lies told by their sources about relations between Cuba and Venezuela. Would that they had as much interest in the relations between Canada and the U.S. where they could find hard facts as opposed to baseless allegations about a country being controlled by and dependent on a foreign power. Instead it seems that the more the Liberals today, like the Conservatives before them, are exposed for their illegitimate activity, flouting the rule of law both at home and abroad, the more they need to find scribblers who will make it all seem legitimate and proper. But Canadians have long experience with and respect for what Cuba does and represents to the world. They also know a lot about the aims of U.S. imperialism and how it operates. They are not going to be convinced by a piece of yellow journalism to accept the many years of good relations between Canada and Cuba being betrayed by governments led by those who see no future for themselves that does not involve appeasing the U.S. imperialists and their project for world domination.


1. Alessandra (Alessa) Polga is the Director of the Canadian Chapter of the Latin American Studies Centre (CASLA) Institute for Human Rights in Latin America.

The CASLA Institute is based in Prague, Czech Republic and is one of 16 member organizations of the Association for Democracy Assistance and Human Rights (DEMAS), also based in Prague. DEMAS and its members receive funding from the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy as well as the European Union, European Commission, private donors, and other governmental grants and funds. Its mission is said to be to link up and support the work of likeminded “NGOs” in different countries, making use of “the Czech experience and know-how of the transition to democracy.” CASLA is said to serve as its arm into Latin America. In addition to Venezuela, CASLA is active in Nicaragua and Bolivia, according to an interview given to Radio Cabildeo in Bolivia by one of its directors.

The Executive Director of CASLA’s Human Rights Observatory is a Venezuelan living in the Czech Republic who previously worked with the Venezuelan organization Foro Penal, in which capacity she collaborated closely with the Organization of American States (OAS) Secretary General Luis Almagro and former Canadian MP Irwin Cotler, holding hearings at the OAS headquarters in Washington, DC and preparing reports aimed at getting an indictment against Nicolás Maduro at the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

Alessa Polga’s Linkedin profile indicates she is also a director of the Canadian Venezuelan Engagement Foundation, whose president is Orlando Viera-Blanco, recently named by Juan Gauidó as his representative in Canada. Her profile also indicates that in 2013 she was the volunteer coordinator of Voluntad Popular Canada. Voluntad Popular (Popular Will) is the U.S.-linked political party that Juan Guaidó and his mentor Leopoldo López belong to, that led violent street actions in an attempt to force the “exit” of President Nicolás Maduro in 2014 and in 2017.

TML Weekly Information Project, March 9, 2019 – No. 8

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