International Tribunal on U.S. Human Rights Violations

New York City, October 22-24

Friday, October 22: Cultural event 6:00-9:00 pm
Saturday, October 23: Tribunal 10:00 am-6:00 pm
Sunday, October 24: Tribunal 10:00 am-5:00 pm
Monday, October 25: Presentation of Findings at the UN
Register here:

An important International Tribunal is taking place October 22-24 in New York City. Organized and hosted by the Spirit of Mandela Coalition it aims to bring international attention to U.S. violations of human and civil rights of Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples, spotlighting the inhumane and violating treatment of political prisoners. As an example, the U.S. is violating international law in its deliberate refusal to provide adequate medical care to U.S. political prisoners and all prisoners. Another example is the use of extended solitary confinement. Leonard Peltier, still unjustly in jail after more than 45 years, was repeatedly kept in solitary for long periods, as were many others, especially Black and Puerto Rican political prisoners. In the case of Albert Woodfox he was forced into solitary for 40 years!

It will be charging the United States government, its states, and specific agencies with human and civil rights violations against Black, Brown, and Indigenous people. The Tribunal will be charging human and civil rights violations for:

1. Racist police killings of Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples.
2. Hyper incarcerations of Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples.
3. Political incarceration of Civil Rights/National Liberation era revolutionaries and activists, as well as present day activists.
4. Environmental racism and its impact on Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples.
5. Public Health racism and disparities and its impact on Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples.
6. Genocide of Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples, as a result of the historic and systemic charges of all the above.

The legal aspects of the Tribunal will be led by Attorney Nkechi Taifa along with a powerful team of seasoned attorneys from all the above fields. Nine jurists, some with international stature, will preside over two days of testimonies. The jurists include six women and come from South Africa, Eritrea, India, France, Puerto Rico and the U.S. (see for more). Testimonies will be elicited from impacted victims, expert witnesses, and attorneys with firsthand knowledge of specific incidents raised in the charges/indictment.

The 2021 International Tribunal has a unique set of outcomes and an opportunity to organize on a mass level across many social justice arenas. Upon the verdict, the Tribunal will:

– Codify and publish the content and results of the Tribunal to be offered in High Schools and University curricula.

– Provide organized, accurate information for reparation initiatives and community and human rights work.

– Present a stronger case, building upon previous and respected human rights initiatives, on the international stage.

– Establish a healthy and viable massive national network of community organizations, activists, clergy, academics, and lawyers concerned with challenging human rights abuses on all levels and enhancing the quality of life for all people.

– Strengthen the demand to free all Political Prisoners and establish a Truth & Reconciliation Commission mechanism to lead to their freedom.

– Establish the foundation to build a “Peoples’ Senate” that is representative of all 50 states, Indigenous Tribes, and major religions.

– Provide the foundation for civil action in federal and state courts across the United States.

Due to capacity limits, in person attendance is now closed. You can, however, participate via Zoom. Please register at all the speakers and performers are lined up you will receive the program.

Coordinating Committee,

Dr. A’isha Mohammad
Sekou Odinga
Matt Meyer
Jihad Abdulmumit
Eileen Weitzman
Jalil Muntaqim
Emok Concepcion

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