Sighting. Posters from the Great Patriotic War

Stalin’s Spirit, Sound and Strong, Our Army and Our Country! (1939)

Motherland Is Calling! (1941)

Fight Bravely, Sons of Suvorov and Chapayev (1941)

The Foe Will Not Escape the People’s Vengeance! (1941)

Glory to the Hero Partisans Weakening the Fascist Rear (1941)

Strike them Hard My Son! (1941)

By Steel Avalanche We Will Crush the Enemy! (1941)

Everything for the Front! Everything for Victory! (1941)

On the Road to Victory! (1942)

Death to German Occupiers (1942)

Ural [Industry] Working for the Army (1942)

The Red Army’s Broom Will Sweep All the Scum Out! (1943)

Our Banner Is the Banner of Victory! (1945)

For Our Victory! (1945)

Our Victory! (1945)

Source: TML Weekly, May 9, 2015 – No. 19

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