The Battle of Quebec


Renewal Update is publishing three articles on Quebec today which show how the Battle of Quebec poses itself in this election. This is not the same as the battle for Quebec which the ruling circles are engaged in through the political parties which make up the mafia style cartel party system.

The MLPC points out that the elections conducted by the ruling class put the ambitions of an individual or a group of individuals at the centre while the battle of Quebec is the fight of the people to become the decision-makers to open society’s path to progress. There is an alternative the MLPC points out. The first step, it says, is to use the election to defeat the Harper government and make sure the Liberals also do not get elected.

The Quebec people have ample experience with the Liberals as well, both provincially where they are pushing a vicious anti-social offensive, and federally where the aim towards Quebec which led to the Sponsorship Scandal under the previous Liberal government of Jean Chrétien has not changed.

• The Battle of Quebec

• All Out to Vest Sovereign Power in the People!

– Normand Chouinard –

• For a Modern Quebec that Recognizes the Rights of All!
– Geneviève Royer –

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