Terrorist attacks in Belgium, Turkey and Iraq: No to both state terrorism and individual acts of terror!

Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), March 22, 2016

THE Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) condemns the devastating bombings which took place in Brussels, Belgium on the morning of March 22, leaving more than two dozen dead and nearly two hundred wounded, as well as brutal crimes on the same scale in Ankara, Turkey on March 13 and in two locations in Iraq on March 6 and March 21.

CPC(M-L) rejects all forms of terrorism, both state terrorism and individual acts of terror. CPC(M-L) also condemns the use of such events as a pretext to step up imperialist war preparations, invasions and aggression to bring about “regime change.” We call on Canadians to also oppose all actions by the big powers which criminalize the right to conscience of human beings in the name of defending security, opposing “radicalization,” defending civilized values and other pretexts.

CPC(M-L) condemns the statements of European rulers according to whom the violence in Brussels is an attack on Europe when it is they themselves who block the peoples of Europe from sorting out the problems of nation-building in the 21st century, starting by disavowing the colonialist past and imperialist present of the big European powers and dismantling the U.S.-led aggressive military alliance NATO.

The more the old powers of Europe block their societies’ path to progress, the more Europe descends into the abyss of anarchy and violence. Meanwhile, the peoples are again the victims of the striving of the big powers to impose their aims on humanity and not permit problems to be resolved.

These events are taking place in the midst of measures seeking justice for the previous events in France in November 2015. This is not justice. The killings in Paris tore the mask from the democratic façade of the European nation-states and further reveal that police rule is defending neither security nor rights. Furthermore, the climate of fear imposed is an assault on the right to conscience. Irrationality prevails, such as making the state of exception part of the Constitution and what is called the government of laws.

The government of Canada is no less responsible for the climate of anarchy and violence which prevails at this time in Europe and the Middle East. It claims a non-combat role in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon while it props up the invasions by the U.S. and European powers, and the groups that engage in acts of terror under the guise that they form a legitimate opposition. Canada claims that its model of “strength in diversity” should be followed by all countries while it works to overthrow secular and independent states in West Asia and North Africa claiming that it supports freedom of religion and the rights of women.

CPC(M-L) opposes hypocritical attempts to promote “Canadian values” in a way that deprives the people of their right to conscience. The questions which concern matters of war and peace, security and rights concern the peoples everywhere. CPC(M-L) calls on Canadians to go all out to make sure it is they, and not the rulers who have brought Canada under U.S. command, who determine Canada’s role internationally.

All out to establish an anti-war government!
No to rule by exception and the negation of rights!
All foreign troops should return to their countries of origin immediately!

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