More on Canada’s participation in US-led war coalition

On April 1 in Washington, DC following his participation in a U.S. Nuclear Summit, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that Canada will be “investing” in the “Global Coalition Against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).” The “Coalition,” which includes Canada is thus far an informal group of countries carrying out military actions in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere under the leadership of the U.S.[1]

The U.S. imperialists have established this new “coalition”to carry out military aggression in the Middle East once again, just as they did when they spearheaded the creation of a “Coalition of the Willing” to launch the 2003 invasion of Iraq under the fraudulent pretext of stopping weapons of mass destruction.

Trudeau announced that Canada will “invest” $51 million over three years to “build the capacity of counter-terrorism programs in the Middle East and North Africa.” The money comes out of funds announced by the Prime Minister on February 8, 2016 when Canada articulated its expanded war mission in the Middle East with an emphasis on Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. A government news release says the funds will focus on “programming to stem the flow of foreign terrorist fighters, and countering ISIL’s financing and messaging.” What this means precisely is probably more aptly understood by Canada’s special forces and intelligence agencies than the Canadian public. The funds will also be used to “support border security activities in neighbouring countries in order to reduce their vulnerability to ISIL infiltration,” a news release from the Prime Minister’s Office says.

During a visit to Australia and New Zealand by Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan it was further revealed that the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are contributing military staff to an Australian-led Combined Task Force 150 (CTF-150) under the umbrella of the U.S.-led coalition. Canada is providing the Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff.

This “Global Coalition” seems to be a standing institution to which Canada is providing funding for various programs conducted under U.S. military command. At the same time, Canada claims it wants to re-establish its commitment to the United Nations and world peace and it is seeking a seat on the United Nations Security Council on this basis.

The Liberals’ campaign promises to renew Canada’s reputation in the world by re-establishing its role as a peacekeeper has little to do with defending the peace.

For more on the “Global Coalition to Counter the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)” see TML Weekly, February 6, 2016 – No. 6.

Source: Renewal Update, April 4, 2016 • No. 11 | PDF


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