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Trudeau Liberals’ treatment of important questions of war and peace

Canadians are concerned about questions of war and peace and want Canada to be a force for peace in the world. During the 2015 federal election the Liberal Party suggested that it stood for peace, would end Canada’s combat mission in Iraq and would not continue on the aggressive path of the previous government. Since coming to power the Liberals have shown that in the name of peace they, like the Harper government, stand for war and are charting a dangerous course for Canada’s foreign policy.

In a special edition, TML Weekly presents a comprehensive reports on the real agenda based on its first 100 days in office. It reports that contrary to the promise to end Canada’s combat mission, the government is set to step up the presence of Canadian soldiers in the Middle East and its combat role. The government is continuing the dangerous course of embroiling soldiers in the dirty war in Ukraine and following the lead of the U.S. in interfering in the affairs of Syria, Haiti and Latin America.

In November 2015, the Prime Minister’s Office appointed Roland Paris as one of five top advisors to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Paris is a NATO academic and involved with think tanks and U.S. agencies such as the Halifax International Security Forum (see here) advancing a warmongering foreign policy for Canada. The National Post called Paris “the man behind Justin Trudeau’s foreign policy.” A concern for Canadians is Paris’ foreign policy preoccupations, which include increasing military spending and Canada’s role in the aggressive NATO military bloc, as well as so-called “digital diplomacy” – the Harper government’s use of social media tools to subvert sovereign governments which Washington deems hostile to its interests (see here and here). The Post reported on December 29 that Paris was working for the Liberals before the election was called and that “his fingerprints are clearly evident in the party’s election platform.” All the while Paris was also frequently quoted, before and after the election, as an independent academic and expert commenting on Liberal foreign policy prospects. Paris is also said to be present at “most, if not all, of Trudeau’s meetings with foreign leaders.”

We encourage everyone to read and share TML Weekly to stay informed about these developments and the important matter of the need for Canada to be a force for peace in the world. To read the latest issue, Click here.

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Venezuela: More evidence of Canada’s dirty work

Rally in Ottawa, February 20, 2014 opposes Canadian and U.S. interference in Venezuela.

Rally in Ottawa, February 20, 2014 opposes Canadian and U.S. interference in Venezuela.

Venezuelea-TeleSur-IconOn February 13, when reporting on television about the thwarted coup against the Bolivarian government of Venezuela, President of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello referred to a Canadian link. President Nicolás Maduro has alleged that the failed coup was organized and financed by the United States government. Continue reading

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Canadian diplomats trained in social media … in Washington

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First published on September 14, 2014

Canadian Ambassador to Venezuela Ben Roswell reported (tweeted) on June 17, 2014 on the training of Canadian diplomats in social media and “direct” and “digital diplomacy.” The photo (right) clearly shows that the training is being conducted in Washington, USA, of all places.

Roswell is the leading practitioner and theorist in the Department of Foreign Affairs of “direct” and “digital diplomacy.” His interventionist activities are condemned in Venezuela. In a recent article, I pointed out:

“‘Digital diplomacy’ is a euphemism for cyberwarfare through the use of anti-social media as well as hacking and other means. The anti-social media such as the Twitter service being embraced by the Harper government is integrated with the U.S. state military and espionage agencies.”

It seems that Harper’s digital warriors are so delighted with their craven role as fifth columnists that they openly tweet and boast about it:


@mclaugm leading the charge on training Cdn Consuls-General on  here in DC.


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Military integration: ‘Cheek by jowl’ with U.S. on COIN in Afghanistan

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