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US Press Secretary falsely accuses Iran of attacking US Navy vessel, an act of war

As well as articles on U.S. sanctions announced today (Feb. 3), as the Trump regime raises Cain about one missile test. Remember Iran has not attacked a single country for hundreds of years. Nor have there ever been any Iranian terrorists. And before you say Hezbollah, in South Lebanon. I say: freedom fighters protecting themselves against Israel’s constant illegal invasions into Lebanon.

By Zaid Jilani and Alex Emmons, The Intercept

(Feb. 2) – White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer asserted at Thursday’s press briefing that Iran had attacked a U.S. naval vessel, as part of his argument defending the administration’s bellicose announcement that Iran is “on notice.” Continue reading


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Saudi arms deal: The foreign minister must resign!

No to the arms sales to Saudi Arabia! No to the “new doctrine” called “responsible conviction!”

(April 13) – The Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada condemns Canada’s sale of arms to Saudi Arabia for which this government signed export permits on April 8. No matter what the pretext, these arms sales are unacceptable. By no stretch of the imagination can Saudi Arabia be considered a peaceful or a democratic country as the ministry and Trudeau government claim. Nor can Canada’s mission in the Middle East be considered a peaceful one. This is simply not true.

The example of the arms deal to Saudi Arabia was given by the Foreign Minister in a speech at the University of Ottawa on March 29, to vindicate the new government doctrine called “responsible conviction.” On that occasion, the Minister created the impression that the arms sale was a done deal by the previous Harper government. He said it would not be right for Canada to go back on its signature due to harmful consequences. He repeated that Canada’s aim is to bring stability to the region and advanced various other pragmatic excuses to justify aggression and war.

Now it turns out that Dion signed the papers himself on April 8. He has to be held to account for trying to mislead Canadians on this matter since the beginning of January and again on March 29. Continue reading

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Harper government supports U.S.-Saudi war against Yemen

2003.2.24.noharbourForeign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada released a statement March 27 from Rob Nicholson, Minister of Foreign Affairs. It stated that “Canada supports the military action by Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC] partners and others to defend Saudi Arabia’s border and to protect Yemen’s recognized government at the request of the Yemeni president.” Continue reading

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Clashes between Israel and Hezbollah and the ‘Iran-led Resistance Bloc’

2015.Lebanon.Shebaa Farms.Israeli convoy

In a startling attack, Hezbollah, the Lebanese national resistance organization, punished Israeli occupying forces in the Shebba Farms on Jan. 28 for its assassination of six of its members and an Iranian general inside Syria on Jan. 18. The number of Israeli casualties was 15 according to a report by Al Mayadeen TV.


The strategic equation in the Middle East is about to see major changes. It strongly appears that the Iranian-led Resistance Bloc or Axis of Resistance — comprised of Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and a cross-section of Palestinian and Iraqi groups — is about to become more powerful than ever before. Continue reading

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Sighting. Why did you kill my family?

Man walks past a graffiti, denouncing strikes by U.S. drones in Yemen, painted on a wall in Sanaa

U.S. president Barrack Obama, the U.S. State Dept., Hollywood and the media are engulfed in a frenzied campaign to celebrate a movie made in Canada promoting the assassination of the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea based on U.S.-style “freedom of expression.”

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Obama’s outlaw state: Exposé of U.S. covert drone strikes in 2012

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFOR THE information of our readers, we are providing an indepth, secret history of U.S. drone warfare during the past year by OSS, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Drone warfare is a political program of warfare and extra-judicial assassination that operates directly from the White House against citizens of sovereign states, without any charges or judicial process, constituting an inhuman war crime and a reckless disregard for international law. Continue reading

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