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Ukarine Update: Belarus crisis through the lens of Ukraine

On August 9, presidential elections were held in Belarus, a neighbour of Ukraine. Economically, they are mutually dependent on each other, and Russia is too, but currently it seems as if trade, like flights, could soon be put on hold. Meanwhile, far right neo-Nazi elements from Ukraine are attempting to increase unrest in the two countries. DMITRY KOVALEVICH  on the issues facing the two countries following the elections and how and if they can be resolved.

Supporters of Lukashenko hold authorized pro-government rally | Ruptly

In August, the situation in Belarus and the mass protests that engulfed the country almost completely dominated the information agenda of the Ukrainian media. Continue reading

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Disinformation about invasion of Poland


September 1 marks the anniversary of the invasion of Poland by the Hitlerites in 1939. Instead of condemning the Nazis, reactionary forces such as the Harperites use disinformation to rehabilitate the reputation of Nazi war criminals and to cover up who were the victims of fascism in whose name the peoples of the world declared “Never Again!” At this time of year, they use the anniversary of the German-Soviet non-aggression pact signed on August 23, 1939 to claim that this was an act of appeasement, not a tactical move for the Soviet Union to buy time to arm itself for an inevitable confrontation with the Nazis. The disinformation is also used to suggest that it was the Soviets and not the Nazis who invaded Poland in September 1939 and started the war in Europe. This is to hide the fact that it was the European powers that actively appeased the Nazis and permitted the invasion of Poland, while the Soviets fought to defend that country and its people at every turn. Ultimately, this disinformation about the causes of World War II is to justify and commit similar crimes in the present. Continue reading

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Behold Operation Bagration, D-Day of the Eastern Front


Map of Operation Bagration, showing the massive westward thrust of the Red Army.

Operation Bagration was the D-Day of the Eastern Front. In scope, size, scale and impact, it was a remarkable feat of arms unmatched in WWII.[1] Continue reading

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Falsification of history: Auschwitz and its liberation – Heroic deed of the Red Army

Auschwitz prisoners liberated by  the Soviet Red Army.

Auschwitz prisoners liberated by the Soviet Red Army.


If you ask the prisoners of Auschwitz or at least those who have ever visited the memorial and museum about what they felt — they will tell you that the place where hundreds of thousands died is cursed. One gets the impression that the deathly silence of the cemetery is still broken by cries and moans of inmates pushed into gas chambers… piles of shoes of all sizes, tooth brushes, glasses… all these objects still appear to preserve the warmth of the hands of the people they belonged to. Continue reading

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Graphic details. US State Department’s imperialist geography

Landlocked Belarus.jpg

In the event of a Belarusian invasion of Ukraine, the 6th US Fleet will immediately be deployed to the shores of landlocked Belarus.


It is all too reminiscent of former prime minister Jean Chrétien trying to convince the Canadians in 2001 that the deployment of the Canadian navy to the Indian Ocean as part of the Anglo-American invasion of landlocked Afghanistan was done to fight the Taliban. And like current Canadian foreign affairs minister John Baird, who thinks the capital of Syria is Washington, U.S. Secretary of State Spokesperson Jen Psaki reveals a certain gap of knowledge of the countries targeted by US warmongering. Continue reading


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