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Event. Africa’s Children Return! Fidel, Cuba and Africa

Tuesday, February 28 — 7:00 pm

BMO Community Room, Halifax Central Library
5440 Spring Garden Road


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68th anniversary of Al-Nakba: Palestinian people fight for the right of return

March of Return, on lands of destroyed village of Hadatha, near Tiberias, April 23, 2015, highlight the memory of the Nakba (disaster).

March of Return, on lands of destroyed village of Hadatha, near Tiberias, April 23, 2015, highlight the memory of the Nakba (disaster).

May 15, 2016 commemorated the 68th anniversary of Al-Nakba.[1]  It marked the beginning of the forcible expulsion and exile from their land of 750,000 Palestinians by Zionist militias. Continue reading


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Event. Solidarity with Students in Mexico – We Want Justice!

Demonstration in Ottawa demands justice for forty-three students, November 11, 2014. (HCPDF)

Join actions to oppose state violence and demand justice from the Mexican authorities in the disappearance and alleged killing of 43 Mexican students. The students went missing on September 26, 2014 when police agents from Iguala, Guerrero, in collusion with local gang members shot at several buses being used by the students and then kidnapped them. Six people, including three students and one 15-year-old boy were killed that night. Continue reading

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Africa called, Cuba answered: Campaign to support Cuban medical mission in West Africa

The Canadian Network On Cuba (CNC) is launching the Cuba For West Africa Campaign to raise funds to assist the ongoing Cuban medical missions in the West African nations of Guinea-Conakry, Liberia & Sierra Leone that are engaged in fighting the Ebola epidemic. The Cuban medical mission is by far the largest sent by any country. Standing side-by-side with the peoples of West Africa, 461 Cuban doctors and nurses — chosen from more than 15,000 volunteers – have gone to West Africa and joined the struggle against Ebola. Jose Luis Di Fabio, a representative of the World Health Organization, underscored that “there are more human resources from Cuba than from many, many NGOs put together.”

ALBA leaders meet with members of Cuban medical team preparing to leave for West Africa, October 20, 2014.

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Two-month anniversary of Mexican students’ disappearance

Unrelenting mass actions demand justice and reject state violence and impunity

Mexican proverb seen in Toronto, November 20, 2014: “They tried to bury us – they didn’t know we were seeds.”

November 26 marked the two-month anniversary of the disappearances of 43 student teachers from Ayotzinapa, in Guerrero state, Mexico. The people’s outrage is seen in the widening mass protests. The case of the missing students has exposed the corruption of the Mexican state and its security agencies and their refusal to look after the well-being of the Mexican people. Continue reading

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Palestine: Hundreds march with photos of Fidel, Chavez, Maduro as they say thank you Latin America

And wave flags of Iran and Syria and banners of Hezbollah. Meanwhile, Latin America acts to further assist the Palestinian people. Four articles with photos

palestine-thanks-latam-leadersHundreds of Palestinians waved photos of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, and Hugo Chavez and Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro during a march held yesterday in Gaza to thank the Latin American solidarity. Continue reading

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Fidel Castro: True Friendship



Yesterday I received a visit from the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, who made a trip abroad related to the defence of his country’s important oil interests.

During his stop in Cuba, he took the opportunity to make contact with me and greet me personally, as he had promised, on August 13 of this year, when I had the privilege of reaching 88 years of age. That day he presented me with some fruits, among them, some small pearl like ones, which I had never even seen before and which taste excellent. He also presented me with a sports uniform, a gift from the Venezuelan athletes seeking to win laurels for their country.

I was extraordinarily happy that he made the visit so soon, not only for the honour which his presence and quick action imply, when he is involved in the difficult task of carrying out the epic struggle of Hugo Chavez, as well as the exceptional actions he is carrying out. Continue reading

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