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Ukraine Update: A year of broken promises in Ukraine and Biden’s corruption affair

The first year of Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky and the leaked conversations between ex-president Poroshenko and Joe Biden | DMITRIY KOVALEVICH

A year has passed since Vladimir Zelensky became president of Ukraine. Twelve months ago, three quarters of the country’s electorate voted for him; optimistically, they associated him with being able to reboot the country’s political power. Voting for Zelensky was essentially a protest vote. People were casting their votes against the nationalist Maidan government and the main requirement was to hold to account corrupt officials and war criminals from the coterie of ex-president Petro Poroshenko. The focus of Zelensky’s campaign was a promise to hold them responsible. “I am your sentence,” the young actor boldly declared to the ex-president. Continue reading

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Warmongers not welcome in Halifax – Oppose the Halifax War Conference

Anti-War Rally

Saturday, November 21 – 1:00 pm
Halifax Peace & Freedom Park (formerly Cornwallis Park), Hollis & South Streets, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Organized by No Harbour For War
Endorsed by Students Against Israeli Apartheid at Dalhousie and others
For Information: Facebook

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US fifth column: Pretext for regime change in Argentina?

The Politicization of the AMIA Investigation

Nisman-and-KirchnerA fifth column exists in Argentina. It should be noted that some of the individuals involved in this case are leftover elements from the period of the military dictatorship in Argentina that collaborated closely with the US.

History has a strange way of replicating itself. Argentina has been going through a process similar to the post-1999 years, after Boris Yeltsin stepped down and Vladimir Putin took his place in the Kremlin as the president of the Russian Federation. While it has been struggling to throw off the foreign yoke, the Argentine federal government in Buenos Aires has been consolidating its economic and political power. Continue reading

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Historical account of start of World War II

The Foe Won't Escape the People's Vengeance! Isaak Rabichev, 1941 (Click to enlarge)

The Foe Won’t Escape the People’s Vengeance! Isaak Rabichev, 1941 (Click to enlarge)

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Ukraine: Neo-nazi, fifth column military organization involved in Euromaidan sniper shootings

NATO-swastikaFascist groups unleashed violence in the Ukraine, which led to deaths, tens of injuries, attacks on public institutions and destruction, and the current warmongering threats against the Crimea and Russia, in order to overthrow a sovereign government. The putschists of the Maiden in Kiev – financed and heroized as “courageous activists” by Harper, Baird and their ilk – are neo-Nazis and a fifth column of NATO Gladio terrorist network, set in motion by the USA, which pulled the trigger on the February 21st political compromise organized by the EU, writes F. WILLIAM ENGDAHL*

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Gladio: NATO’s terror network and the ‘strategy of tension’

The Ukraine putsch in Kiev on February 23 reportedly involves the NATO Gladio, an international network of secret cells of the NATO member states to combat the worker’s movement and communism in Western Europe. It originated with the famous directive of Churchill to “fan the flames” of the partisan warfare during World War II through the SOE (Special Operations Executive); by this it was understood to penetrate and subvert the anti-fascist resistance movement, and make it a tool of the Anglo-American forces, as in Greece. The post-war Gladio network had its own intelligence structure, its own secret military training, a network of illegal arms and PSYOPS service. These actions were part of U.S. military theory called the “strategy of tension,” and were particularly used in Italy in the 70s. The Gladio network was nothing more nor less than an organized terrorist network within NATO countries. In parallel, the CIA supervised the organization of the Operation Condor in Latin America beginning in 1975. – TS

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U.S. global spying: subversion of Mexico, France


spyDer Spiegel: Fresh leak on US spying – NSA accessed Mexican president’s email (full text see below). Another disclosure from former CIA agent Edward Snowden has revealed that, as part of its global spy network against the nations and peoples of the world, the United States has been eavesdropping on the Mexican government for years – in particular former President Felipe Calderon, whose email messages have been targeted. According to the report, the spying into the email server of the “Mexican Presidencia domain” contained “diplomatic, economic and leadership communications” that allowed for “deep insight into policymaking and the political system.” An NSA division for “particularly difficult missions” called the “Tailored Access Operations” handled the operation.  The covert operation was carried out in conformity with an April 2013 list that enumerates the US’ surveillance priorities. That list, classified as “secret,” was authorized by the White House and “presidentially approved,” according to internal NSA documents, Der Siegel reports. Continue reading

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Tom Flanagan’s last stand (II); The neo-liberal Calgary School


We are posting below Part Two of “Tom Flanagan’s Last Stand” by Peggy Morton from TML Daily. For Part One please click here.

Part Two

TOM FLANAGAN made his last stand in Lethbridge on traditional Blackfoot territory, putting an end to his career as a political pundit. But the influence of the Calgary School remains with Stephen Harper at the head of the dictatorship ruling Canada on behalf of the monopolies. The Calgary School is a group of neo-liberal academics from the University of Calgary’s political science, economics and history departments of which Flanagan has been a part. Their role both in academia and behind the scenes in the cartel parties that keep Canadians out of power shows the extent of U.S. imperialist dictate over Canadian political affairs.

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The wizards of lies


Media-CulpaSINCE THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, information control obsesses those looking for “excessive profit”, as Adam Smith defined it. The model was developed in the United States. There, secondary education – the mass version – was minimized in any aspect related to humanities, such as history, geography, philosophy, which give benchmarks for critical thinking.

The idea is to impart only the knowledge that will render the working class useful at a job, but politically ignorant. It allows for nurturing majorities with a world view based on distorted information, so the public can be guided according to the convenience of the ruling class. It is a useful trick even for governments without electoral fuss and with visible leaders, but it is in democracies where it is most useful, because the ruling class, which is hardly seen, uses misleading information to promote their puppets in electoral carnivals. Continue reading


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Subversion: U.S. government aims to form team of ‘journalists’ inside Cuba

usaidFOLLOWING explosive revelations that the U.S. government bribed Miami “journalists” in 1999 to guarantee the unjust convictions of the five Cuban patriots who are completing 14 years of arbitrary and illegal punishment, it has launched a new operation. It is to be headed by an ex-CIA agent and is to employ a considerable number of “journalists” – in reality, undercover agents – in “major cities in Cuba, including Havana and Santiago de Cuba.” The dirty operation aims to publish articles and commentaries and produce a new storm of disinformation against the sovereign Caribbean island republic, writes Florida-based journalist and author TRACEY EATON in this exposé.

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2012 Halifax International Security Forum

Analysis of the agenda, emphasis, tactics and composition of the Halifax International Security Forum, 2009-2012

Protest against 2011 Halifax International Security Forum.


At the 2011 Halifax International Security Forum

ESTABLISHED four years ago, the Halifax International Security Forum (HISF) is taking place November 16-18 at the Westin Hotel. Warmongers from as many as 50 countries are joining Peter MacKay and some 300 others at the Forum “to learn from each other, share opinions, generate new ideas, and put them into action.”

Once again this year, the organization No Harbour for War, joined by others, has come forward to say, “It is unacceptable that Halifax, or any Canadian city, be used as a venue to plan further crimes against the peace and the peoples of the world.” Continue reading


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